Battlefield 4


As a Battlefield lover, you have to be thankful to the Swedish developer Mr. Dice who has release such a thrilling game. Battlefield 4 is published by Electronic Arts on October 29, 2013 first time in North America. A first person shooter which has been released for the platform such as PC, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 3 and 4. This game has received critical acclaim from the game critics with all its new features, gameplay, multiplayer mode and the high quality graphics.

The Battlefield franchise has always been the best online warfare game. The diverse and exciting action of this game starting from vehicular warfare to breakneck infantry fighting, the armaments, to gadgets, all the things in the game seems like a compact rewarding way which complement well in terms of modern warfare. From the beginning version of this game, it has been a blast for the players and with Battlefield 4, players gets to experience a totally remodeled and refined version for this one.

Game Description

Battlefield 4 closely follows the fortune of a single group under the moniker Tombstone, as U.S got involved in a war with a group of Chinese operatives. The game started with highlights of many cool and intense scene, which is a good way to attract audiences to get a copy of the game. The game contains up to 64 players and 3 playable sections which is China, U.S and Russia. It has a commander mode in the game where commanders are able to give order to their teammates. A spectator mode enables the players to view other players in first or third person perspective and use a free camera to map the area from any angle.

The action of the game has been set in 2020 which is six years after the events of the Battlefield 3. Due to conflict between two countries Russia and United States, the war has been running for last six years at a high record. In this game it has shown that main enemy Admiral Chang is planning to bring down China’s current government and China is also on the edge of this year. The main agenda of Chang is to get support from the Russians, bringing China to the verge of war with United States.

DICE has shown his power of Frostbite 3 game engine in this game which enables the game to provide the effect of cool graphics as well as physical effects. For covers, you may shield yourself during war by utilizing buildings, trees, walls, windows etc. When firing on enemy soldiers, you are able to hide behind the barriers. The best part I like is the logical aspect of the game. Like in real life, enemy bullets or certain ammunition will tear through the concrete barrier and you will be exposed and vulnerable. It’s kind of fun listening to bullets whizzing past your character and the sound effect of the bullets that are bumping into the concrete wall is great.

From walls, to floors and almost everything in game is destructible. You can also request for reinforcement to provide cover fire and even attacking enemy units from a distance. You also can order your squad members Tombstone to engage enemies. In multiplayer mode, the same can be done with other players as well. In the campaign mode, the tutorial is well spread out through the course of the game. The storyline highlights a significant message about the intense sacrifices that soldiers have to make in the line of duty and you’re part of the political unrest in Battlefield 4.


There are some points in the game which will make you feel like playing it all over and over again. The unbelievable map design of the game made it one of the best warfare games out there. The environment of the game is very dynamic and diverse and all the outlook of the game is very eye-catching. The leader mode of the game is rewarding which provides you a sense of being a real leader and leading your troops towards victory. There are some amazing awesome moments in the game with actions, plots and thriller. Frostbite 3 engine technology has really shown its great potential through this game. The multiplayer mode is one of the best in the history of multiplayer generation.


Even though the game has made huge success till now but the game was criticized for being short and shallow, and for its numerous glitches and bugs that still have yet to be addressed on the single player and multiplayer mode.


Battlefield 4 is a multiplayer blast and probably the best multiplayer game for large-scale modern warfare. The voice acting is good and the characters resembles and look almost surreal to the actual person in reality. The action and the graphics of the game is undoubtedly the best. Even though the single player campaign has its ups and downs, the extensive and thrilling Battlefield 4 multiplayer makes up for it.