Battlefield 5 Players Are Getting Two New Weapons From DICE

Battlefield 5 has announced on its official news page thatadded two new weapons and it’s free and available to everyone.

battlefield 5

Starting December 18, all Battlefield V players who login to the game will have the Ribeyrolles 1918 assault rifle and M1897 shotgun added to their inventory through January 3, 2019. In order to access the new weapons, players can log in to Battlefield 5 during this period and the Assault class and Support class weapons will be available to equip from the company menu. The Ribeyrolles 1918 makes a comeback from Battlefield 1, where assault players gets to play with its select-firing capabilities, and sniping enemies from max range at the cost of some raw damage output.

battlefield 5 new weapons

The M1897 was an American trench gun that was popular n both World Wars and has a good one-hit kill range. This menacing shotgun will be available for the Support class in Battlefield 5.