Be The King丨3.5V Update content and New Event!


[ All updates are subject to the actual in-game changes ]

New Event [Debriefing]

1. During the event, you will be called to the palace for debriefing. After every debriefing, you can draw random rewards and get points.
2. You will get free debriefing daily (reset daily), and you can use the item to get more debriefing.
3. You may get a duplicate item from the draw, and it will reset its validity and get additional points.
4. You get rewards when your points reach the corresponding level.
5. The [Emoji] obtained can be used in chat.
6. The [Manor Skin] obtained can be changed by tapping [Player Info] -> [Dress] -> [Manor].

New Event – [Protect the Old Summer Palace]

Event background: The emperor built this garden for the summer vacation. There are treasures everywhere. And it’s said that recently some bandits have come and want to steal the treasures. You received the Imperial Edict to guard the garden…

During the event, players could form a team to explore the gardens, capture the bandits and cast the statues to get abundant rewards.

1. The event map is divided into 3 gardens (Changchun Garden, Wanchun Garden and Yuanming Garden), and it will cost action points for players to explore the gardens.
2. When exploring the gardens, players will be able to find chests and bandits. Besides, there is a chance to fight other players when exploring the Yuanming Garden.
3. When you enter the Yuanming Garden, you will get Secret Edicts. If you are defeated by other players or retreat from Yuanming Garden, you will lose the corresponding amount of Secret Edicts.
4. When meeting bandits or players, you could mark them and share with your teammates. So that your team would be able to assist you to fight.
5. Players would get casting materials when exploring the gardens, and players could use those materials to cast the animal statues to get rewards.

New System – [Manor Skin]

The mansion skin has multiple parts, you can change it in [Player Info] -> [Dress] -> [Manor]. After equipping the suit, you cannot equip parts of buildings, floors, ponds, floor decorations, and sky.




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