Be The Legend With Destiny’s New Personalized Trailer

We are mere moments away from the release of Destiny’s The Taken King expansion and the hype train couldn’t be more hyped. To add to that excitement, Bungie have released a new trailer for the game but with a slight twist. This new trailer is actually all about YOU and YOUR Guardian.

In a fun twist from the usual “watch these generic Guardian shoot stuff and use powers”, Bungie is giving players a chance for their created character to take center stage for the latest trailer in anticipation of The Taken King’s release.

Aptly titled “The Legend of You”, the trailer shows the players’ in-game character within the trailer. But that’s not all, through Bungie’s technical wizardzy, the trailer highlights the players’ in-game stats and accomplishments. A cool little touch for fans that Bungie included in the trailer is the nickname given to the Guardians, based on the characters stats/achievements.

All this is done by heading over to “The Legend of You” page and inserting the players’ PSN/XBOX account in the box. After it loads up the characters, players will choose one and the site will render the personalized trailer for the Guardian. Once fully rendered, players can share the trailer on Facebook, Twitter, or even generate a link to share the video.

If you don’t have a character, then you can check the video below from YouTuber LittleBigOkey showing a walkthrough of the personalized trailer and a look at his Guardian’s:

With the recent 2.0 update patch, Bungie is readying Destiny for its second year with plenty of new content from The Taken King expansion. New subclasses, new weapons, new strikes, new raids and a new main bad guy with Oryx, The Taken King himself.

Destiny: The Taken King expansion will launch on September 15th for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Your Destiny Character Is The Star Of Latest Trailer

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