Beginner Tips and Tricks for Brotato

The bullet hell genre is a hit or miss for many. For enthusiasts, they can spend hours and hours dying and trying again due to the game’s steep learning curve. While we can say this type of game is of an acquired taste, there are still a lot of casuals who want to try out these games and Brotato has been the talk of the genre.

As we’ve mentioned, bullet hell games are pretty hard to master, let alone get into so Brotato isn’t exactly the most beginner-friendly to novices of the genre. Not to worry, here’s where we come in because today, we will be listing down some beginner tips for Brotato starters.

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Know Your Positioning

At first glance, you’ll think that your potato has a lot of places to work, but in truth, you can just as easily get yourself into a dire position. The position that beginners usually find themselves trapped and boxed in are the corner areas.

Once you are in it, you have very little space to manoeuvre and in most cases, you’ll end up dying. Therefore, try to not go to such places because it is better to keep the fight at the centre of the map. In the centre, you’ll have more room to operate and dodge around. Corners are usually deathtraps and are extremely difficult to get out of.

Experiment With Different Builds

Different Builds Brotato
Photo Credits: Blobfish

One thing we love about Brotato is that it allows you to be innovative with your builds. This means you can be super creative and each run is different from the other.

In other words, the gameplay changes every time you start a new run. Of course, you can look up beginner builds online for an easier experience but we also recommend trying them all out. This is because knowing multiple builds will give you a lot of flexibility and not just rely on pure luck on the upgrades.

Mess around a little and don’t be afraid of dying because that is one of the game’s charms. Once you know how to optimise your runs with what you naturally get, not even the RNG masters can stop you.

Purchasing Land Mines and Turrets

Occasionally, your potato will be given an option to purchase land mines and turrets. Always go for them because they provide invaluable services during battles; both of which can save your potato’s life.

One underrated aspect of mines and turrets is that they can serve as aggro tools. For instance, if you are at low health and are targeted by enemies, they can serve as decoys to take away some damage. On paper, this might require some experience, but doing this consistently from the start can instil a good habit in your gameplay.

Sneaky players can also attempt to lure large clumps of enemies into the land mines and take them all out in a flash with its burst damage. Just imagine as if you are playing the classic Bomberman.

Stats Matter A Lot

Brotato Stats
Photo Credits: Blobfish

Honestly, the stats in Brotato are overwhelming. If you are not a full-time gamer, some of these terms might be foreign to you. Sadly, they matter a lot and prioritising the right ones can determine whether you can go far in a run or not.

For complete newcomers, try to maximise survivability. Dodge and Speed stats are worthy investments because they help you be more evasive, giving you a better chance at survival. Max HP and Regeneration are also good shouts in this category.

Changing the Difficulty

Difficulty Brotato
Photo Credits: Blobfish

As much as Brotato is a difficult game, the developers are kind enough to let their players alter the game’s difficulty.

Changing your difficulty in Brotato is a little more complex than most games because you get to alter the type of difficulty you want. So, it is actually pretty fun to tinker around with the difficulty settings and to change the game to best suit your gameplay. The customisable settings include enemy gameplay so if you want the enemy to be more squishy, you can do just that.

All in all, don’t be pressured to change the modifiers if you are stuck. We’re all here to have fun and that is also the reason why the customisable difficulty is there for.

Final Thoughts

And that’s about it! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help ease you through your first few runs in Brotato. Again, there is no shame in dying or lowering the difficulty because this game is fairly difficult even for veterans.

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