Beginner Tips and Tricks for Dave the Diver

We love indie games. Most of them are labours of love and Dave the Diver is certainly one of them given its rise in popularity in the past month or so. The theme of diving and managing a sushi restaurant on an island has a unique charm that is refreshing to see.

Despite being an indie game, Dave the Diver is pretty deep when it comes to mechanics and knowing what to do before you start the game can save you some headaches. Of course, we’ll do our best in this guide to avoid spoilers while being informative at the same time.

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Always Upgrade Your Tools Whenever Possible

Upgrade Dave the Diver
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Your equipment, especially the core ones, is essential for you to progress further. If they are underlevelled, you will suffer if you were to go deeper into the ocean. The two pieces of equipment that we recommend upgrading first are your air tank and your harpoon.

These pieces of equipment will help you progress better; the air tank is basically your health and a more powerful harpoon means you can catch larger fish which usually also means better sushis. Of course, this is not to say to neglect other tools like your guns because they are needed to take down dangerous aquatic creatures like sharks but prioritise survival first!

Levelling Up Your Sushi Dishes

Sushi Level Dave the Diver
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During the night, you will be able to run your own Sushi restaurant. Here, you will be given a choice of serving a multitude of sushi meals to customers. These dishes will be ranked through a level system and the higher their level, the better the pay.

As you progress, you will eventually need to hire more staff which means you’ll need to cover their costs as well. So, upgrading your dishes so that they sell at a better price is essential if you want to get through the night on a profit. The dishes upgrades aren’t necessarily hard to do so whenever you can, upgrade them.

Look Out For Special Events

Events Dave the Diver
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Occasionally, you’ll get an email regarding a special event where customers will flock to your restaurant on a specific date, requesting specific dishes. These dishes usually have one similar core ingredient and you’ll be given time to prepare them.

Make the best use of this by catching/breeding that specific kind of fish and during that day you can maximise the servings for the best pay. This is because the majority of the customers during the event will order the event-based dishes and you can rack up some serious cash if you have enough dishes prepared.

The ingredient is usually difficult to find but the game does give you a heads-up beforehand so plan accordingly!

Open Chests When You First Traverse Underwater

Chests Dave the Diver
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At the start of your underwater journey, you’ll most likely be greeted with a couple of chests. Always open them because they will contain useful tools that will significantly help your fish-hunting adventure.

The best tool you can get is an enhanced or elemental harpoon. Unfortunately, these upgrades are temporary and once you go back up, they’ll be gone. Still, never underestimate these upgrades because they can greatly help you take down predatorial aquatics.

Aquatic life like sharks and marlins are all really tough to kill with a normal harpoon. Most of the time, you’ll need a combination of a gun and harpoon to effectively take them down.

Take Notice of How Deep You Are Going

Danger Depth Dave the Diver
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While the spirit of the game is about diving, there is a certain limit—dictated by your diving suit—to how deep you can dive. Go deeper than what your diving suit allows you to is a one-way ticket to disaster town.

Sometimes, players might not be aware that their air tank is quickly depleting as they sprint underwater. It’s because you might not know what aggressive sharks might appear, so it’d be best to keep your air tank above 50% if possible. Fortunately, the game is pretty generous with air consumables so even if you are above 50%, refill your tank when possible.

Once you’ve noticed your air tank is below 50%, you’ll need to be on high alert because once you encounter a dangerous shark, a couple of touches and hits can kill you.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it! We’ve finally finished our beginner’s guide to Dave the Diver! All things considered, Dave the Diver is a game best played blind. So, dive away and play this game as you will. Of course, there will be unexpected surprises but honestly, that is part of the fun. Still, it will always be good to bring in some beginner tips if you want to be on the safer side of things!

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