Beginner Tips and Tricks for The Last Spell

Every now and then, an indie video game pops up and blows us out of the water. Back when it was released, The Last Spell was that game. It had amazing gameplay and its aesthetics made playing it really pleasing. The problem is that the game was only on early access, meaning that there is still much content left to be discovered.

Thankfully, the game is now fully released and we can now finally enjoy it to its fullest. As this is a turn-based rogue-lite, those who are unfamiliar with the genre will have some trouble playing this game the first time around. And that is when we come into the picture because we will be helping you out with some beginner tips and tricks for The Last Spell.

Properly Set Up Your Hotkeys

Efficiency is highly important in The Last Spell. It is a game where you need to press and access a lot of things and using only a mouse will hamper your in-game performance. As such, we recommend players assign hotkeys to certain actions to make their life easier.

Plus, assigning hotkeys will also help train your muscle memory in making instant actions. This cannot be done with only just a mouse and at a higher level, this will really benefit you. Take the time to properly set up your hotkeys, it is a good investment.

Although, you might want to try a few rounds of the game first to get to know the mechanics. When you are more or less familiar with them, be sure to head to the settings and make those changes.

Understand the Buildings You Can Build

Buidings The Last Spell

There are quite a number of buildings that you can build in The Last Spell. Honestly, to some, this can be quite overwhelming as each building serves its own purpose. This adds a lot of depth to the game but if you don’t know what you are doing, it can seriously hurt your gameplay.

Here are the buildings that you can build and what they are generally used for:


– Allows you to recruit heroes whom you can replace your fallen ones with

Scavengers Camp

– Produces Material over time for construction purposes

Gold Mine

– Produces Gold over time

Magic Shop

– Allows you to craft magical items


– Allows you to create melee weapons

Do note the game is not just going to grant you all these buildings from the start. You’ll need to play a few runs and only then will the game open up these options for you to further enhance your gameplay.

Goddess of Light Unlockables Are Great

Goddess of Light The Last Spell

The Last Spell gives its players an option to choose between Light and Dark. Don’t let the grim aesthetics of this game fool you as the unlockables from the Goddess of Light is actually really damn good.

One of the reasons is the road to unlocking them. For the Goddess of Light, you will get to unlock her perks by doing objectives. This is highly interactive and also grants the players a chance to learn more about the game. Assuming that you are definitely not going to beat this game in a couple of runs, completing her objectives is almost like a byproduct of reaching the end.

At the end of the day, the Goddess of Light’s unlockables is a win-win for you.

Setting Up Reminders

We can’t stress this enough, efficiency is key in The Last Spell. Every turn matters and you always want to be on the active side of things so that you don’t put your turn to waste.

As you progress, you will need to manage a lot of workers. In most cases, you will forget that some of them exist and they will be left wondering what to do. This is usually the root of inefficiency and when stacked up, it will bite you in the back.

Fortunately, The Last Spell is kind enough to give us a reminder function that the players can use to schedule their workers’ operations. This ensures that your workers are consistently doing something and are contributing to your camp.

That being said, this function is not a shortcut for you to improperly manage your workers workflow. Be sure to keep an eye on your resources and plan ahead.

Mines and Scavengers Are Mighty Important

Mines and Scavenger The Last Spell

Just now, we’ve said that there are a plethora of buildings that players can build to enhance their runs in The Last Spell. We’ve gone through briefly what each building is for and this also raises another question. Which buildings should we prioritise first?

As a starter, we heavily suggest making Mines and Scavengers your top priorities. This is because, in the long run, these two buildings will benefit you more. They don’t do things as fancy as, let’s say, recruiting new characters but they will help steady your entire economy.

Material and Gold are extremely valuable resources to your base, they are the resources that help propel other constructions. Having a healthy output of those two resources is a crucial element to your success. Without them, you will always find yourself in a bottleneck when you want to build or do other things.

It’s Only Natural to Lose

Game Over The Last Spell

If you’ve made it this far, you will know that this game is somewhat punishing and is not a game that you can sleep through. It’s a game that requires learning and with it comes the need for experience.

What we are trying to say is, losing in The Last Spell is a normal occurrence. It will happen to most beginners, extending to even veterans of the genre if they were to underestimate the game. Take it easy. Over time, you’ll get better as you understand more of the nuances of the game and then, you will eventually conquer this game.

And there we have it! We’ve finally reached the end of our beginner’s guide for The Last Spell. The game is now fully released on multiple platforms so if you do wish to get it for yourself, you can top-up your gaming needs here with OffGamers!