Beginner Tips for Neon White

Beginner Tips for Neon White


Nowadays, there aren’t many games that focus on min-maxing every inch of its mechanics. Of course, we do see a lot of it in MMORPGs but rarely is it significant in arcades or platformers.

Neon White is bringing this to the table for the said genres with its uniquely fast gameplay. This means players will need to master most aspects of the game if they want to get good and we’re here to help!

Getting into Neon White as a newbie can be tough, so we’re bringing some beginner tips that may help you out with your first few runs!

So, let’s get started!


Neon White Guide Scout Area


Scout The Area on Your First Run


If you are going in blind, you will have no idea how the map is designed. You will be running in without any knowledge and most likely get a horrible score.

Don’t let that discourage you though. Take your time and use these first couple of runs to scout the area. Make sure you familiarise yourself with where the enemies are positioned and what obstacles are ahead of you.

As you progress, the stages get more complicated and enemies and traps are placed more subtly. Do not panic and take as many runs as you need to adapt to these adversaries. Before long, you’ll ace the stage in no time!


Neon White Running on Water


Water Helps You Gain Speed


One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is not taking advantage of the water route. This is understandable as many fall prey to the illusion that the water route is longer.

Optically, the direction where you traverse through water might seem further from the destination, but it actually takes less time to get there. This is because White moves faster when he is travelling on water compared to him moving on land.

Do note that this is not set in stone, you will still need test runs to gauge which route is faster. What we’re suggesting is that, do not make light of the water path. The speed boost might be the difference in you getting a higher score!


Neon White Soul Cards


Learn The Cards and Their Uses


In Neon White, there is an item called Soul Card. These cards will play a large role in whether your run is successful or not. Therefore, it is best that newcomers learn how these cards work before they start their run.

Here’s a brief description of each Soul Card and what they generally do:


– Katana and Fist (Grey)

Attacks with either the katana or White’s fists.


– Purify (Purple)

Uses a machine gun that launches grenades toward the enemies.


– Godspeed (Blue)

A rifle with amazing speed. Launches you forward as well.


– Elevate (Yellow)

A sidearm that launches you up in the air. Can be used as a second jump.


– Stomp (Green)

An SMG that fires a barrage of bullets in a flash.


– Dominion (Teal)

Fires an exploding rocket and has a grappling hook that allows White to reach higher areas.


– Fireball (Red)

A shotgun that fires 12 pellets forward. Has an air dash mechanic which can also be used to change your trajectory.


As you can see, these Soul Cards are not only meant for damage. Aside from taking out enemies, they have secondary benefits which can be creatively applied.


With a little trial-and-error, we’re sure these cards will help you access hidden areas or secure a faster route.


Neon White Resetting


There’s No Shame in Resetting


Neon White is a time-based game and speed and agility are its core. Since it is paced so quickly, adapting to it can be difficult, making players prone to mistakes and slip-ups.

Unfortunately, getting a bad time score can affect your game progress, meaning you will be stuck for a long time. To not waste time, immediately reset the stage if you mess up the first few seconds of your run. Don’t waste your time by completing a pointless run.

Plus, there is also no penalty for resetting during the middle of the run. You will not lose any future items or unlockables. So save some time by resetting when you know the run is over from the start.


Neon White Explosion


Explosions Help with Launching


Explosions are your friends. They usually come from either Soul Cards or explosive barrels which will help you access hard-to-reach areas.

Trust us, you will need to access these areas as these places are commonly the path for you to reach the end quicker. Mess around with the explosion mechanic so it will launch White high up in the air.

Similar to Soul Cards, the explosion mechanic also requires some form of practice. It is normal to fail a couple of times, but soon enough, it will be second nature to the player.

Also, explosions from explosive barrels do not have splash damage, so launch away to your heart’s content!


Neon White Medals


Medals Matter for Insights


Neon White rewards the elite and getting either a gold or ace medal for stages will unlock more unlockable content. Obtaining these medals can be difficult at first, but once you know the stage, it is actually doable!

Once you’ve obtained a gold or ace medal for a specific stage, you will also gain Insight. Insights are used to increase your rank and your rank will help unlock other stages. Hence, if you want to unlock all the stages, gaining Insight is imperative.

Our recommendation is that players can go back to previously completed stages and see if they can get any more Insights from them. Usually, a better clear score means a higher medal and with that, more Insight.

Revisiting often also means that you would have developed some muscle memory of the stage. As such, clearing the stage will no longer be a problem, so focus on getting a better score to upgrade your medals!


Final Thoughts and Advice


It’s a rare incident that we come across a game like Neon White. There’s quirky writing, amazing characters and addictive gameplay.

It checks most boxes and one of them is that it is incredibly challenging while also being rewarding. Practice is a must and as the adage goes—to be good at something, you have to be willing to be bad at it first.


And that pretty much sums up our beginner’s guide! If you are interested in Neon White, you can purchase it on Steam with our Steam Wallet Codes here!