Beginner’s Guide for Two Point Campus

Most players have played or at least heard of Two Point Hospital before. It’s an interesting simulation game that allows you to build your own hospital and run it yourself. Running a full-fledged hospital is hard, but have you tried managing a campus?

Well, Two Point Studios has just recently released Two Point Campus which makes you a designer of your own campus filled with brimming bright students. In this game, you will take control over every aspect of your school, ensuring its efficiency and results.

Yes, it’s a difficult job, you might even say it’s more stressful than running a hospital. No worries though, we’re here for you! Today, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks you can use to run your very own campus!

So, let’s get started!


Knowing what to build Two Point Campus


Knowing What to Build


When it comes to setting up your own campus, efficiency is key. As such, one of the first things to keep in mind is prioritising your buildings and knowing which to build first. Sure, other buildings might have their own unique perks but ultimately, these are the ones that you should focus on.



Without ample dormitory space, there will be no place for your students to rest! Make sure that your dormitory has a good amount of beds. And if you have additional resources, investing in future accessories like desks can be beneficial in the long run.


Shower Room

Students need to have a clean and hygienic routine and a shower room is needed for that. Ensure that there are enough cubicles and commodities like towel rails and hand dryers.


Medical Office

Falling ill and sick are common incidents in Two Point Campus. Be sure you’re campus is ready to accommodate sick students with a working Medical Office.



Libraries are good to ensure your students’ academics are in check. Make sure that desks and shelves are available to maximise your library’s output.


We understand that players might be tempted to build other facilities like the Student Lounge for entertainment purposes. However, if you are new to simulation games, we suggest that you first build the aforementioned buildings as they are way worth the investment early on.


Clubs Two Point Campus


Recommended Clubs to Invest In


Clubs are essential in Two Point Campus. These variety of clubs are ways to boost your students’ stats and generally their overall performance. Question is—which clubs should you be putting your resources into?

If you can’t decide on which clubs to get, here are our recommendations:


Book Club

It might sound nerdy, but it sure comes in handy. Turning your students into bookworms will allow them to gain knowledge faster and learn faster. Therefore, book clubs are very useful during the early stages of the game and something you should prioritise first.


Power-nap Club

Sleep is good and sleep is awesome. Two Point Campus thinks so too! With the power-nap club in play, you will notice that your students will rarely tire.


This is because they are able to regain their energy everywhere! If you are facing a fatigue problem with your students, consider setting up this club.


Speed Walking Club

As we’ve mentioned, efficiency is a core aspect of the game. Having your students move faster throughout the campus is a huge advantage.


With added speed, your students can reach buildings and facilities quicker and consequently reduce the time spent travelling. This helps you do things faster and overall improves the growth speed of your students.


Hire Staff Two Point Campus


Always Look to Hire Staff


Even if you want to, you really can’t operate an entire campus alone. You will require a handful of staff to cultivate your students’ progress. Sure, they might cost some funds but they are mandatory for keeping your campus running.

Be sure to hire a good amount of teachers, janitors and assistants. These staff will help and maintain certain metrics of your campus. For instance, a janitor’s job is to ensure that your campus is spotlessly clean, and when it is clean, the attractiveness level grows.

There’s no saying which staff is better as they all work together like a well-oiled machine. The best way to go about this is to know what your campus is lacking. If you notice that stalls and stands are not functioning, it is a sign that you need more assistants working.


Research and Learning Two Point Campus


Researching and Learning Help A Lot


This tip is essentially an extension of the above tip. Research and learning facilities are there to boost the levels of your staff and also unlock other buildings.

It goes without saying that both of these rooms will play an important role in boosting your campus’ staff and buildings’ quality. Make sure that they are always in motion and working as any lost time in it would mean that your workers are not getting the upgrade that they are due for.

It is also important to note that for the research area, a teacher will need to be instructed to run it while the training room can solely be completed just by paying. Be sure to manage your resources accordingly to cater to both of these areas.


Aesthetics Matter Two Point Campus


Aesthetics Matter


Ironically, how your campus looks affects the well-being of your students. It is highly recommended that you properly design and visualise your campus to look the best. A beautiful and elegant campus will also boost its attractiveness level.

A simple way to achieve this is to make your campus not so industrial-like. Plant some greenery around your campus. Make it feel alive and provide your students with a lush environment where they can both enjoy and chill.

Other commodities or aesthetics you can build outdoors are food stands and vending machines which will keep students occupied when they are not in class.


Pause Menu and Check Stat Two Point Campus


Take Things Slowly and Don’t Rush Things


It is actually perfectly normal to encounter a truckload of issues when you first start playing Two Point Campus. We’re not going to argue that the game can be overwhelming, hence, we’re asking newcomers to take things slowly.

Whenever you encounter a problem, stay calm and bring up the pause menu to check up on your student’s profile and stats. Mostly, these problems can be identified through this section of the game.

For example, if you noticed that your student is sick or unwell, you can manually instruct them to visit a medical room immediately to get healed as soon as possible. Make checking up on your students a habit and over time, you’ll easily get the hang of things!


Well, I do hope that these tips and tricks will help smoothen the first few hours of your Two Point Campus experience. And if you’re interested in getting the game for yourself, you can purchase it now with our Steam Wallet Codes here!