Best 10 Apps to Buy With Google Play Gift Cards in 2020

The top apps to buy with a Google Play gift card change every year. Sure, some apps are going to be more popular than others, so you may find one or two apps that make the top list for several years. You may find adventure games or scheduling apps leading the chart one day, and the next day, you’ll find a completely new list of the best apps.

Before we list the best Android apps to buy for 2020, it’s important that you know how to:

• Search for apps
• Identify trending apps

Some of the best apps on my Pixel I’ve found using these very methods we’re covering.

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Finding the Best Apps Using Top Lists

If you buy Google Play gift cards, you’ll need a quick and easy way to find apps to try and potentially buy. There are a lot of great options (view our own top list below). I recommend that you use the following resources:

Google Play

You can use both platforms to find apps and games. Since you’re likely familiar with Google Play, I’m going to provide you with a quick and easy tutorial for using SimilarWeb.

Leader Board

The leader board is going to be your go-to choice for all of the top apps. You’ll find a variety of apps available, but chances are, you won’t be using a lot of these apps. Network Monitor Mini Pro, is a great app for network management, but it’s not an app that most people will download.

What you’ll want to do is to refine your search through filters:

• Country
• Type
• Paid or free

Adjust your filters and then navigate to the leader board to find what apps others are downloading and using. The leader board can also be adjusted using the many filter tabs available to sort by:

• Publisher – great if you know and like a publisher
• Change – a neat way to see trending apps
• Store rank – current store rank

You can also choose the app trends tab, which is one of my favorite tabs because you can view all of the apps that are trending up. There’s also a nice list option for:

New 100, which shows apps that have just entered the top 100 list
Trending down, which shows which apps have lost their usage rankings
Out of the Top 100, which includes apps that have fallen out of the top 100 list

When you go into the leader board, it’s one of the most powerful ways to find apps that are already popular and those that are trending upward.

If you buy a Google Play gift card, you can confidently use the tools above to find neat apps to recommend for others or to buy for yourself. There’s a lot that people should know before getting a gift card, but there’s more than enough apps, games, books and more to download from Google Play.

I recommend finding apps you like, reading through their reviews and even trying out a few of the free versions before diving in and purchasing the paid versions.

The Top Apps to Buy with Your Google Play Gift Card


1. aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks

The aCalendar+ is on version 2 and has been highly improved. But current advancements still maintain the same great interface that current users love in the original version. aCalendar includes key features, such as:

• Full screen widgets
• Flexible recurrences to allow for repeated entries in the calendar
• Multiple event colors
• Birthday and anniversary additions with address book and editing along with photos
• Android’s native calendar

The calendar offers a robust set of public holidays and business features that allow you to share your calendar, invite attendees and link your calendar to potential clients. You can add in tasks into the calendar as well as remove all of the ads when you purchase the premium version.

Gestures can be used to update the calendar.

If you need an advanced scheduling app that allows you to take full control of your day or week ahead, this is the leading app to choose.

vivid navigation gestures

2. Vivid Navigation Gestures

Vivid is an app that many people don’t know they need until they try it out. When you use this tool, you’ll be able to control your device using a variety of different custom gestures instead of button processes.

This amplifies any gestures that may be available on your Android device already, and it allows for gestures on both sides of the screen, navigation effects and highly customizable actions.

You’ll be able to create multiple gestures, including swipe:

• Up
• Up and hold
• Left
• Left and hold
• Right
• Right and hold
• Down
• Down and hold

There are options create holes, tap and double tap gestures as well. You can create multiple gesture triggers on the bottom left, center, right, top and anywhere on your screen.

Multiple actions are also available, including full control of split screen, launching apps, playing and pausing, notification opening, killing an app, last app, volume controls and dozens of others.

network monitor mini pro

3. Network Monitor Mini Pro

Network Monitor Mini Pro is the ideal choice for anybody who wants to know about their network’s statistics. This is a mini network monitor that sits on your phone and allows you to monitor all of your network’s speeds.

You can monitor your download and upload speed all throughout the day, and you can also record your network information, which includes:

• Wi-Fi
• 3G
• 4G

You’ll be able to set custom readings and colors as well as use the live network traffic meter to understand your speed and download rate at any given time. You can make several adjustments within this platform so that you can do much of the network monitoring that you do on a desktop right on your Android device.

ram and game booster

4. RAM & Game Booster by Augustro

Is your phone running slowly? If so, this app is for you. This app acts as a game booster that allows you to recuperate some of the RAM that is being used or occupied by apps that are no longer running.

You’ll be able to boost your RAM by as much as 70% to 95%. You can set this app automatically run every minute in the background if you like, or you can manually set it so that you are saving more RAM and speeding up your phone.

There are also high priority game lists and an info chart that allows you to see how much RAM is being at occupied and not truly needed.

applelock pro

5. AppLock Pro

AppLock enhances your phone’s security. When you log into your phone, you may use a password or fingerprint to access your phone. But what about your apps? This app allows you to lock all of your apps using multiple different locking mechanisms.

Use the app to create fingerprint or digit passwords as well as choose lockout timeouts when trying to log into a certain app.

Locking, for example, can be used for your banking app. You don’t want your child to be able to access any of the content, so you can put a lock on the application so that it cannot be accessed.

circle sidebar pro

6. Circle Sidebar Pro

Circle Sidebar is another app that adds great functionality to your phone. What this app allows is for you create your own circular sidebar that allows for full control over your apps and phone settings. You can use quick settings for:

• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Screen rotation
• Airplane mode
• Brightness mode
• Volume control
• Music play and pause
• Hotspot
• Location services

You can also add easy controls that allow you to create customizable triggers and actions for all of your sidebar options. There is the option to include your favorite apps along with full access to them if they’re already installed on your phone. You can choose which apps are shown and not shown on the sidebar.

calculator locker

7. Calculator Locker: Hide Photos & Videos + Applock

Calculator Locker is a very powerful security app that actually allows you to disguise itself as a calendar. You can use this app to hide videos and photos on your phone and only access them when you use a specific pin, pattern or fingerprint function.

You can use this to lock:

• Photos
• Videos
• Galleries
• Slideshows
• Apps

You’ll also be able to do powerful modifications to some of these, including making fake covers or taking selfies of the person trying to get into your app. There’s also a safeguard for uninstalling the app so that nobody who’s on your phone can uninstall it without your permission.

i cant wake up alarm clock

8. I Can’t Wake Up!

Do you have difficulty waking up using your standard alarm Clock app? Everybody does, but this app allows you to make it almost impossible not to wake up because it is a nuisance.

You have access to a multitude of wake-up functions, and these include:

• Performing mathematical equations to shut off the alarm
• Finding pairs within color tiles to shut off the alarm
• Order functions that require you to set tiles in a specific order to shut off the alarm
• Repeating sequences to disable the alarm
• Rewriting randomly generated text
• Shaking your phone until you are awake
• Matching different word pairs

You will want to really think about installing this app. When you do install it, there is also a device administrator permission that will not allow you to uninstall the app easily. This will stop you from uninstalling the app when the alarm is buzzing, so it can be very annoying if you’re trying to disable the alarm out of anger.

If you cannot wake up in the morning, this is the app for you, but it is very frustrating the first few times you wake up to it.

calender widget

9. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Calendar apps are some of the most popular on the market, but you’ll quickly notice that a lot of these apps are outdated and don’t provide an intuitive interface. Home Agenda’s calendar widget is different because it is a highly customizable and it that offers an outstanding design.

When you install this app, you’ll be using an app with an interface that looks like notifications rather than a clunky calendar.

You can save the theme or import themes if you like to create your own designs, and you can enjoy powerful features, including:

• Grouping events by day or in a single list
• Grouping different event headers
• Showing older events
• Weather and temperature
• Highlight certain events running today

The key most powerful features are the customizable features that allow you to change the layout and appearance of your calendar. You can create rounded corners, color tables, different background colors for events and even set the maximum number of days that are shown on the app initially.
When you use Calendar Widget, you’ll be using one of the most powerful calendar options on the market.


10. Minecraft

One of the best Android apps to buy for 2020, Minecraft is one of the games people should know about when buying a Google Play gift card. Minecraft is a game for all ages, and you’ll be able to explore and build an infinite number of worlds.

You can create a simple home or grand castle, and there is a creative mode that offers unlimited resources that allow you to mine deep into the world to build anything you can imagine.

There are also options for crafting weapons and armor as well as fending off dangerous mobs.

There is a survival mode that allows you to create and explore om your own, or you can join with friends who also have mobile devices.

Multiple players can play at one time with up to 10 people being able to enjoy cross platform play. You can create your own private server that is hosted for you, or you can play with others who are on Xbox or other gaming consoles.

Minecraft is one of the games that you can download and enjoy for years to come. The game is continually updated, and you can also use slash commands to perform different functions, such as summoning mobs or giving items away.

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