Best Builds for the Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the world’s most popular games, but it’s not an easy one to play. You need a lot of skill to be the best of the best. And skill comes from mastering each of the heroes.

The best build in Mobile Legends can help give you the upper hand in the competition. However, you can also purchase Mobile Legends diamonds to help speed up your progress.

With that said, let’s dive into MLBB and the heroes that can make you a dominant force.

Mastering The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends

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MLBB has a lot of roles and heroes to choose from, and you’ll want to pick one that really fits with your preferred playstyle well. Some players don’t mind being squishier and more lethal, so they’ll go with an assassin like Saber, who can take out enemies rapidly but can also die quickly.

Tanks may fit your playstyle better, or you may want to play support.

If you’re just choosing the role you want to take on, the next few sections will be the most important for you:


Do you want to be deadly? If so, an assassin may be the best option for you. A specialist at killing, these heroes can disable targets just as easily as they kill them. You’ll need to use timing and opportunities to go in for the kill as an assassin.

The main factor in an assassin’s success is positioning.

You need to know when it’s time to hang back and replenish HP, and when it’s better to go in and kill. However, while your burst damage makes you the biggest threat in MLBB, you’ll have a low amount of health, which means you’ll die quickly, too.

Avoiding death is an art of its own, so you’ll need to pay attention to your health and avoidance more than most other heroes.

Our choices for the two best assassins are:

  1. Saber: Saber has been around for years, works great in the side lane and has an immense offensive upside. He’s a master of swords and combat.
  2. Benedetta: Benedetta is a bit harder to play, but is an amazing option due to her burst and speciality damage. This character excels in the EXP lane.


Fighters are not as deadly as assassins, but they’re more durable and can use their defensive abilities to stay alive. Over time, a fighter will begin to weaken their enemies as they melee them to death.

A fighter is less durable than a tank yet does more damage.

Considered a role that is more or less multi-purpose, you can run in to try getting a kill or take on a semi-tank role.

Fighters are really beneficial in the late game and can enter a solo lane, although they’re very powerful when they have an ally with them.

Three of the best fighters are:

  1. Paquito: The heavenly fist is a difficult character to master, but he’s very durable and has a great offensive upside. You’ll find him in the EXP lane.
  2. Phoveus: A deadly force, Phoveus has a lot of offensive damage and is great for control. He’s also very durable, can semi-tank and is used in the EXP lane.
  3. X.Borg: High damage and durability coupled with a low difficulty level makes X a deadly force. His Firaga armour will burn everything in sight, too.


Mages are powerful but squishy. They can do immense magical damage, but they need to be very precise with their attacks. The mage role is one of high burst damage and control, but you need to use timing properly because the cooldown on some of your abilities can be very long.

Unfortunately, due to their lack of durability, teams often target mages to try and kill them quickly.

Crowd control is going to be one of your biggest assets because you’ll be able to keep multiple threats under control as you try and burst down single targets and kite them.

Two of the deadliest mages are:

  1. Esmeralda: An astrologer with high durability and burst damage. She’s often found in the EXP lane and has such high durability that she’s almost a semi-tank with a mix of damage abilities.
  2. Alice: A mid lane expert, Alice is difficult to play, but she has better durability than most mages and is the evil queen of Blood Demons.


Distance experts that perform high damage are marksman. This role is one of the best when you need to kill at a distance, but like our mage friends Alice and Esmeralda, you can also be taken down easily.

You’ll trade durability for attack damage, so you need to stay back and take out targets that may be a threat.

Turrets, for example, are an excellent target for a marksman to focus on because they can safely be taken down at a distance.

Leading Marksman include:

  1. Natan: A Spacetime walker, Natan does magical burst damage and has low durability. You’ll find him in the gold lane.
  2. Beatrix: A Dawnbreak soldier, Beatrix is great in the gold lane, and she does an insane amount of damage. However, she has very low durability.
  3. Granger: A Death Chanter, Granger has a low difficulty level and some of the best burst damage in the game. However, with just 2,370 HP, enemies can take him down rapidly, too.


If you want to help keep other players alive and protect your allies, there’s no better option than a support role. Unfortunately, many people don’t play support, so you’ll be invaluable as you help shield and heal your allies.

You’ll often spend time in the top or mid lane because you can travel quickly. Pairing with a marksman makes the most sense for a support role.

Depending on who you play, your primary role will be:

  • Heal players
  • Place barriers
  • Perform crowd control

Of course, you can do some low-end damage to help your team, but you’ll never go into the solo lane out of fear that you’ll die quickly.

Leading characters for support include:

  1. Mathilda: A purchasable character, she’s an initiator and guard that can play support very well. However, you’ll want to roam lanes to be the most effective.
  2. Floryn: Considered a pure support character, she brings hope to any team with decent offensive and powerful support abilities.
  3. Kaja: Kaja can be a fighter or support, and he has high control abilities that make him a good option for the EXP lane.


Do you want a lot of responsibility? A tank has to be on the front lines, absorbing the damage that their teammates cannot withstand. Mobile Legends has tanks that lead the charge and soak up a lot of damage.

You’ll often be in the bottom lane as a tank, but some equipment options allow you to do a lot of damage, too.

Traditionally, a tank has an immense health pool and low attack power. You’ll absorb damage and assist teammates so that they don’t get hurt. Depending on the tank, you’ll find that some offer great crowd control abilities, such as stunning or slowing enemies to allow damage dealers to finish off the enemy safely.

Two leading tanks include:

  1. Khufra: Khufra is a tank that has high durability, good crowd control and is best utilized for their roaming ability.
  2. Tigreal: A Warrior of Dawn, he’s one of the most durable characters in the game with a high level of crowd control, which makes him an asset on any team.

But if you want to play the best of the best, the following are the top in their role:

The Best Character For Each Role in Mobile Legends

Assassin Build for Saber

Saber is super deadly if you use what’s known as the Cooldown Reduction Build. While there are other builds, this one offers the most flexibility. The build includes:

  1. Raptor Machete, 1650
  2. Swift Boots, 710
  3. Blade of Heptaseas, 1950
  4. Blade of Despair, 3010
  5. Endless Battle, 2470
  6. Rose Gold Meteor, 2120

You can also experiment with Magic Shoes, Bloodlust Axe and Hunter Strike if you want more damage. Using the Jungle Emblem offers you the best versatility because you’ll work best as a jungler. You can find our MLBB Jungling Guide here if you’re interested in that.

It’s important to put all points into Brutal and Swift. Taking the Veteran Hunter talent is also a good idea.

Saber can quickly dispatch Layla, Odette and Pharsa due to his Ultimate and Burst damage.

Execute and retribution are two of the main spells you’ll use in battle.

Fighter Build for Paquito

Paquito is tough as nails, with three active and one passive ability. Champ Stance is an ability that you’ll need to master and allows you to stack the effects. You’ll want to use:

  • Heavy Left Punch
  • Jab
  • Knockout Strike

Ideally, you’ll upgrade Jab to max level as quickly as possible, followed by the Heavy Left Punch and Knockout Strike.

A custom fighter emblem is often best because you can add talent points into Bravery and Festival of Blood. However, for the best mix of durability and damage, choosing Bravery and Invasion with three points and Festival of Blood with one will work best.

Mage Build for Esmeralda

MLBB’s Esmeralda has a good mix of AoEs and burst skills. She can inflict massive amounts of damage on her foes, and she can even steal her enemy’s shields to become even deadlier. 

You’ll be using her abilities:

  • Starmoon Casket
  • Frostmoon Shield
  • Stardust Dance
  • Falling Starmoon

Ideally, you’ll want to upgrade your Stardust dance first because it offers exceptional damage in Mobile Legends. You’ll follow up by upgrading your Frostmoon and then your ultimate.

Custom Mage emblems are the best because you can add in Magical Penetration and Movement Speed. Ideally, you’ll add three points into Agility and Observation. Magic Worship also deserves a skill point.

When making your build, you’ll want to focus on Cool Down reduction, Movement Speed and Magic Power.

Marksman Build for Natan

Natan is good for one-on-one battles. Entropy creates a copy of Nathan that causes immense damage. Upgrade Superposition first, followed by Interference and then your remaining ability. 

Ironically, many people choose the Assassin emblem for Natan, although some go with Mage.

If you go with Assassin, you’ll want to put three points into Movement Speed and Physical Penetration.

Killing Spree also deserves a point because it’s a great ability that will boost your damage significantly.

Mobility will be your biggest weakness, so people will normally choose Arcane Boost, Penetration, Critical and Attack Speed for their build. Swift Boots are another superb option. Additionally, you’ll want to choose:

  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Berserker’s Fury

You can also opt for Haas’ Claws, Divine Glaive or Malefic Roar, and Endless Battle is good if you’re struggling to stay alive.

Support Build for Mathilda

Mathilda is still relatively new, and we recommend upgrading your Soul Bloom ability first before moving to Guiding Wind. As for an emblem, a good option is the Custom Mage emblem with three points in Agility and Observation. Finish off with a point in Magic Worship.

Flameshot will be your best ability, but you’ll find room for Execute and Ageis, too.

Your build should look like this:

  • Demon Shoes, 720
  • Glowing Wand, 2200
  • Necklace of Durance, 2010
  • Oracle, 2060
  • Bruteforce, 1870
  • Immortality, 2120

Tank Build for Khufra

Finally, Khufra is the best tank in Mobile Legends, and we recommend upgrading your Bouncing Ball ability before Tyrant’s Revenge and Rage. The Custom Tank emblem is best, with most people putting three points in Physical Defense or HP, three in Cooldown Reduction and one in Brave Smite.

You have a few build options, but the most common will be:

  • Courage Bulwark
  • Warrior Boots
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Immortality
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Queen’s Wings

Final Thoughts

Of course, with the right level of skill or a lot of Mobile Legends diamonds, you’ll be able to use any of the heroes above to dominate MLBB. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can hop on YouTube or Twitch to find more playthroughs or updates.

And if you’ve mastered the characters above, you’ll be happy to know that Phylax, a new hero, is coming soon.

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