Best Family-Friendly Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! As we celebrate Christmas this holiday season, spend some time with your loved ones and put on some family-friendly shows you can watch together on Netflix. Here are some animated movies that the kids will absolutely love!

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Rise of the Guardians is the perfect movie to introduce some of the folklore and mythology to the kids. We have the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman who controls the dreams of people, the beloved Santa Claus and the star of this show Jack Frost, who is responsible for winter and creating little patterns on windows on a snowy morning.

Together they team up against Pitch Black (also known as the Boogeyman) who sows nightmares into children and make them stop believing in magic. The movie is one of the most beautifully told story of 2012 and it will sure bring the magic and the spirit of togetherness. It teaches the kids the power of fun and wonder over fear.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022)

The story is based on one of the most loved literature by Charles Dickens. Our main character Scrooge, revisits the different Christmases of his past, present and future. As he journey through each one of them, he gains more empathy and was able to embrace the spirit of Christmas. Let’s just say he was a bit of a weird old man before this.

Eventually he learned the generosity of giving, the happiness spending time with friends and family, and enjoying a nice meal on Christmas.

KLAUS (2019)

A selfish postman and a reclusive toymaker forms an unlikely friendship to bring joy to the kids in this snowy town. This is not your usual Santa – Klaus seemed intimidating at first and is a man of few words, but as soon as he saw an unhappy child’s drawings, he asked Jesper (who is the postman) to enter the child’s house with a package containing the toy he made.

However, the joy brought about by Klaus and Jesper does not seem to sit well with the head of two families and they are determined to return thing to how it once were – gloomy and joyless. How will this unlikely duo return the joy to this gloomy town?

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Everyone knows Santa delivers all the toys to the kids in the world during Christmas, but no one knows how that is accomplished until now. Santa has extremely high-tech machinery that manufactures all the toys and with the help of his little elves of course. They soon realize that they missed out on one of the children’s presents and someone has to save the day. That someone is Arthur – Santa’s youngest son.

Though Arthur doesn’t seem to be like the other family members, he can be clumsy at times, but eventually he found his own way of being Santa and that being himself is the answer he is looking for.

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus (2022)

Santa and Boss Baby know each other? They two of them have a history as Santa was a former Baby Corp and recruited half of the babies to make toys for him at the North Pole. And that is how Santa’s elves came about. It’s Christmas Eve and things took a turn for our grumpy Boss Baby, as he swapped places with Santa’s elves. Looks like he will be spending Christmas at the North Pole.

Boss Baby always pack a load of laughter and cheer, this time with a festive feel. It is a good movie to put on to entertain the little ones.

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