Best Games of 2022 | App Store Awards 2022

Apple has announced the Best Games of 2022 for their App Store Awards 2022. This year’s winners consist of a diverse community of developers that delivered exceptional products and making profound cultural impact. So let’s take a look at the best games of 2022.

iPhone Game of the Year: Apex Legends Mobile, from Electronic Arts.


iPad Game of the Year: Moncage, from X.D. Network Inc.


Mac Game of the Year: Inscryption, from Devolver.


Apple TV Game of the Year: El Hijo, from HandyGames.


Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Wylde Flowers, from Studio Drydock Pty Ltd.


China Game of the Year: League of Legends Esports Manager, from Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd.


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