Best Games To Stream On Twitch and Facebook

A report was recently revealed by Rainmaker—an analytics partner of StreamElements—that streaming platforms, Twitch and Facebook have seen a 4% increase in viewership for the second quarter of 2021.

Games that garnered the most viewers were Grand Theft Auto IV, League of Legends, Call of Duty Warzone and Valorant.

Given the global coronavirus pandemic, it was only a matter of time before a streaming surge started. Influencers and YouTubers have all started curating content into the streaming sphere, playing casual games to competitive esports titles.

To stream, all you need is to have a decent setup, a couple of friends to play your games with and you are all set!

So, if you have the urge to stream, now is arguably the best time to do it, since we will all be staying indoors for a while, and streaming can be seen as a way for you to connect to the world from your home!


Here Are The Best Games To Stream On Twitch and Facebook

What the Dub


1. What The Dub?!

Release date: 2021

Genre: Party, Casual

Developers: Wide Right Interactive, Mark Zorn, Kurt Wojda


Eager to stream but you are apprehensive because you are not that good with games? No worries, What The Dub?! tests your creativity more than your reactionary skills.

This is a game where you can enjoy with both your friends and viewers. Basically, you will be given a movie scene prompt and you will need to replace the voice line with your own!

The gameplay is partially similar to Use Your Words but What The Dub?! supports text-to-speech for multiple languages.

What’s more, What The Dub?! also allows its players to submit their own personalised clips to make the rounds more relatable and personal.


Among US


2. Among Us

Release date: 2018

Genre: Social Deduction

Developers: Innersloth


This game ends relationships and creates new ones, in a friendly way of course.

Together, you and your friends will be stranded on a spaceship and among your party of friends, there will be a couple of imposters who will sabotage the spaceship.

The objective is simple, for the crewmembers, you would have to fix the issues on the spaceship, which are completed through minigames. On the other hand, the imposters will have to stop the crewmembers from completing their tasks through murder or sabotage.

But the fun part is during deliberation or the so-called emergency meetings. During the calls, each player will be given an option to throw a member out of the spaceship, meaning players will also need to prove their innocence, in which these discussions will end in accusations and arguments. It’s a beautiful chaos indeed.

Just make sure that your stream chat is on your side and does not rat out your role and location to the other members.


Tricky Towers


3. Tricky Towers

Release date: 2016

Genre: Puzzle

Developers: WeirdBeard


Tetris will always remain a timeless classic. Make it more intuitive and modern and you’ll get Tricky Towers!

That said, the gameplay is noticeably different from Tetris and although it uses the block-stacking mechanic, Tricky Towers is more physically centred.

Players will need to exercise their creative minds to get ahead of the game as you would need to maximize efficiency to get to the finish line.

Combine that with a truckload of spells to hinder your opponents, and the game can get competitively fun with tensions flaring around.

A great spectator game as it is both action-driven and comical.




4. Hearthstone

Release date: 2014

Genre: Card Game

Developers: Blizzard Entertainment


Hearthstone is possibly the OG card game that has set the standard for most online card games and the auto battler genre.

The reason why we recommend this game is because you will be able to interact with your viewers while you are playing. Hearthstone is very decision-based and streamers can ask for the chat’s opinions whenever they are in a bind—although we can’t guarantee the chat’s credibility, but hey that’s some interaction there!

And with Blizzard’s introduction of the battlegrounds mode, players that enjoy games like Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics—that have an insane following on streaming platforms—will most definitely also enjoy this Hearthstone auto battler mode.

Or if you prefer the original constructed mode, you can add funds to your Battlenet account here.


Bro Falls


5. Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown

Release date: 2021

Genre: Casual, Platformer

Developers: Boros Bros


At first, Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown might be seen as a rip-off of Fall Guys. Yes, they share similar gameplay and graphics but there’s one thing that’s different—it’s free on Steam!

The game can be played by 20+ players simultaneously which means that even your chat can join you and your friends in this wild survival fiesta.

As this game has just been released and is at the early-access stage, the devs are still consistently updating the game to keep the contents fresh.

We do not know if the publishers will make this game payment-required or not, so we suggest streamers and players to play it before they change their decision!


Town of Salem


6. Town of Salem

Release date: 2014

Genre: Indie, Mystery

Developers: BlankMediaGames


Town of Salem is basically the marriage of Sherlock Holmes and Knives Out. It has the strong ‘whodunnit’ element with the similar deliberation process of Among Us.

The players are split amongst the Townies, Mafia and Neutral. Each faction will have different subclasses that possess different powers, aiming for different goals.

Roles are separated randomly and players will have to work together with their allies unknowingly to win the game.

Similar to Among Us, Town of Salem tests its player’s intelligence and ability to influence others, which also makes it so enjoyable to watch and play.


Gartic io


Release date: 2017

Genre: Drawing

Developers: Gartic


Drawing is fun, even if you are bad at it. is a free-to-play browser drawing game that you can play with your friends and stream chat.

The game has multiple modes to choose from which alters the gameplay but drawing will always remain at the core of the game.

We recommend streamers try out different modes as they are all extremely entertaining, even if you are just watching. There are modes where the other players would have to guess your drawing or even try to duplicate your drawing within a very short timeframe.  



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