Best Locations To Drop in COD Warzone’s Verdansk ’84

Best Locations To Drop in Verdansk ’84

With the launch of the new Verdansk ‘84 map which is a 1980s transformation of the original Verdansk map, comes new locations and loot for you to explore. The ‘84 version of the map gives familiar places a new makeover with new buildings, additions, and even some name changes. But no worries, we’ve got everything covered for you! Well, the important parts at least.

Anyways, make sure to get some Battlenet Balance Cards for all your CP needs. You’ll probably need to buy some skins or cosmetics for your weapons if you want to spice things up, right?

We did our research and here are some of the best locations for you to drop in and explore in Call of Duty Warzone’s latest Verdansk ‘84 map. Note that there are more loot locations available, these are just the ones we’ve decided to highlight.



cod warzone verdansk '84

The Summit is located where the old Dam used to be and is split into three sections – the Northeast section, Center section, and Southeast section. You can choose to land on any of the sections, and there will be plenty of loot. Although it is recommended for you to drop here with your friends in trios or quads, you could also just drop in solo if you want.

There are also two helipads, one on the Northeast and the other on the Southeast section of the map if you’ve managed to get yourself a helicopter of course. There’s a fully functional cable car mechanic for players to go through the area quicker as well.


Gorengard Lumber Yard

cod warzone verdansk

This may be one of the few places that did not undergo any changes at all with the revamp of the new map. It doesn’t make it any less worthwhile to explore and get some loot though. Chances are, people are more preoccupied with the other new spots than to bother coming back here so you might get some good loot and a good time.

The Gorengard Lumber Yard is home to lumber warehouses with a lot of places for you to hide from any crossfires as you explore. Make sure to always stay alert, though. You never know who might be lurking around the area. There are a few spots favored by most snipers, so be careful when you’re crossing open areas. 


Atlas Superstore/Factory/Airport

battlenet cards

Players from the original Verdansk map would know that the Superstore is a great place to drop for a quick gear up, money, and loot. This remains the same even in the Verdansk ‘84 version of the map, so keep that in mind. These areas are best for trios and quads, mainly because it’s a big area with a lot of potential for combat.

Landing at the Superstore would also mean landing in the middle of the map, so you have the mobility to go anywhere you want when you’re done. You should also be careful as this is naturally a hotspot for most players, and there could be players coming from other parts of the map to the center as well.

Next door to the Superstore would be the new Factory area with a lot of cash and loot as well, so if you can’t find much in Superstore, head on over to its neighbor – the Factory. The Factory area contains warehouses, a plane, and the factory building itself. 

On the other side of the Superstore would be the Verdansk Airport. Another great location to loot as it is surrounded by multiple big warehouses, small buildings, a parked aeroplane, and an aeroplane hangar. By the end of it all, you are guaranteed to have more than enough cash for your loadout.


Grid Array

This is more for the players who enjoy playing solo, and you can’t miss it. It has the biggest landmark on the map – a huge metal grid structure. The Grid Array existed from the previous map, but they’ve added more buildings around the area that houses a lot of loot. 

You could easily get your loadout, and since this place is kind of underrated now you might have a low chance at kills. This can be a good thing as you could quickly equip yourself with all you need, rotate, and prepare yourself for hotspots where there will be enemies to kill.


The Hills

At the south of Promenade West, you’ll find a new farm area with farmhouses and barns filled for you to go through with loot. When you’re done with that area, you could go to The Hills area and the neighborhood located right next to it if you need more loot. 

There are plenty of vehicles around the area, as well as a gas station if you’re itching to go on a drive. Since these areas are also rather open, with some minimal forest coverage, you could practice your stealth or just be barbaric and spray your way to victory when encountering enemies. Either way, have fun!


Downtown Tavorsk District

The 1984 version of the Downtown Tavorsk District consists of a more open area now compared to the modern-day Verdansk map. Now, players won’t have to worry about enemies hiding behind the corner of every building or being ambushed. There’s always the possibility of course, but at least it’s lessened now.

This place is rich with loot and perhaps even close combat encounters, so beware. For snipers, no worries. There are still buildings for you to camp on and snipe down unsuspecting enemies, that novelty is still around for you to enjoy. 


To Conclude

Verdansk is now in 1984, but you shouldn’t be stuck in the past mourning over the nuked modern Verdansk map. It is a sweet loss to let go, of course, but Verdansk ‘84 has its own perks and fun. It’s also better than not having a Verdansk map at all, right? 

Anyway, may this list of drop locations prove handy to you as you navigate a new (or should we say old?) Verdansk! As always, the important thing is that you have fun. Let us know your favorite drop spots in the comments below, we’d love to explore new places.


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