Best Selling Halloween Decorations on Amazon

Are you looking for some inspirations to make your house look spooky good for Halloween? Spook up your house with these best selling Halloween decorations on Amazon.

Floating Candles

Don’t these candles look familiar? They sure look like the ones in Hogwarts. These candles fit perfectly in your dining room if you’re thinking about having a Halloween party and prepare to amaze your guests. Each set comes with 12 LED candles, 1 remote control and 12 hooks. And of course, they come with strings attached too, so they’re ready to be hanged. The strings are made of lightweight fishing line so you can rest assured that they are hardly noticeable and the candles can even flicker to imitate what a real candle is like. Each candle is about 6.7″ tall and is about 1″ in diameter. These floating candles are priced at $49.99 on Amazon.


Halloween Spider Webs, Super Stretchy Cobwebs

Spider webs are undoubtedly the classic decorations of Halloween. These stretchy cobwebs are perfect for your outdoor yard and even as indoor decorations. They can be stretched out and pulled over anything you want. According to some customers’ reviews, they hold up really well outside. When you purchases these spider webs, they even come with little spiders to complete the look. Do beware of the stickiness of these webs though! They are priced at $16.99 on Amazon.


Skeleton Stakes

If you’re planning on going for a zombie-themed Halloween look, this realistic Skeleton is a must-buy. To hold up the arms as shown in the picture above, simply insert the stake at the elbows into the ground. Add-on a tombstone, and you’ll have a convincing skeleton that is back from the dead. Do note that the product only comes with the skull and arms. The price is $30.74 on Amazon.


Trick or Treat & It’s October Witches Front Porch Banners

Nothing screams Trick or Treat louder than a pair of banners that fits your porch perfectly, or hang anywhere indoors if you prefer. It is not only a nice decoration, it can also be a nice photo-taking background! They come with a rod and ribbon for you to hang easily. Each flag measures 70’’x13’’ and priced at $15.97 on Amazon.


Halloween Bats Wall Stickers

These stickers come in 4 sizes to add the spooky element to your Halloween party. The package comes with 60pcs bats in 4 various sizes: 10pcs large bats 12.6×3.5in, 10pcs medium bats 9.4×2.4in, 30pcs small bats 7×1.6in and 10pcs medium bats 6.3×3.2in. These bat stickers are made with high-quality thicker and bendable plastic which you can surely reuse for next year’s Halloween. They also come with double-sided adhesive strips, that are easy to stick on and remove. These are priced at $7.99 on Amazon.

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