Best Skills to Use in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is finally here on Nintendo Switch! The powerful, dark-humoured witch we all know and love is back, and this time, she faces a man-made evil. Bayonetta 3 has all kinds of weapons and skills you can acquire on your journey.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best skills to use. 

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Bayonetta, the main character in the game, is a witch who has been asleep for 100 years. Now that she’s awake, she has no idea who she is. The point of the game is to discover her identity and past.

You won’t be able to unlock any of Bayonetta’s skills until after you complete chapter 1. While she has many skills, her best ones are:


Bat Within

To protect against incoming attacks, Bayonetta can transform into a flock of bats. Bat Within is considered one of the best skills in the game because it’s such a great defensive ability. 

Bat Within can protect Bayonetta from projectiles and other incoming attacks, allowing her to walk away unscathed. 

As powerful as this move is, it doesn’t work against grab attacks.


Dodge Offset

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to interrupt a combo to dodge an enemy attack. With Dodge Offset, you can continue your combo after dodging. Learning how to master this ability will help you become a better Bayonetta player.

To use this ability, just hold down an attack button while dodging. When you’re done dodging, you can continue with your combo to rack up your combo scores.



Viola is a supporting character and Umbra Witch in training with her own demon named Cheshire. She has her own skills and abilities that unlock after chapter 7.

Some of Viola’s best skills are:


My Name Is

The My Name Is skill puts a spin on her darts ability. Hold down the Y button to charge up her darts with magic. Then, release to throw deadly explosive darts at enemies. 


Hungry Hi-Hat

The Hungry Hi-Hat ability has two effects:

  • It can protect her demon Cheshire from being pinned down.
  • It adds a shockwave effect to Viola’s barehand attacks.


The shockwave effect gives Viola some crowd control and can really come in handy in survival situations.


Colour My World & Madama Butterfly

Colour My World is a set of four handguns that unlock after completing chapter 1. These are Bayonetta’s weapons, and they actually have their own skill sets.

Madama Butterfly is another weapon of sorts – a demon that Bayonetta can conjure to fight for her.

Some of the top skills for these weapons are:



The Chrysalis ability transforms your bullets into a laser beam. Just hold down the Y button to activate this skill.

Chrysalis charges up the weapon, allowing it to release a powerful attack from a distance. 


Royal Escort

Madama Butterfly’s Royal Escort ability summons protective butterflies that not only protect her from damage but also explode when they come in contact with enemies.


G-Pillar & Gomorrah

G-Pillar is a weapon that’s both a high-calibre rifle and a club. The weapon is believed to have been crafted with the Infernal Demon Gomorrah’s flesh.

When this weapon is equipped, Bayonetta’s jumps and steps create purple flames on the ground.

Some of the best skills of this weapon, which unlocks after chapter 2, are:


Twin Scorcher

A G-Pillar skill that emits arced flames from both hands. 


Super Demonium Ray

The Super Demonium Ray skill emits a long-range concentrated attack, dealing massive damage in the process. 


Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo & Phantasmaraneae

You can find Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo after completing chapter 3, and it’s a great weapon for longer-range attacks. Phantasmaraneae is the infernal demon that’s bound to this weapon, and it transforms Bayonetta into a giant during her Demon Masquerade ability.


Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer ability turns her spider companion into a yo-yo, allowing you to deal damage within the attack arc.


Heaven or Hell

Activating the Heaven or Hell ability transforms the spider into a bomb, which deals massive damage to enemies in the explosion area. 


Dead End Express & Wartrain Gouon

Completing chapter 6 will unlock Dead End Express, a weapon that deals long-range damage. The Dead End Express can be swung in large arcs to slice enemies and leave a trail of coloured flames behind. During Demon Masquerade, Bayonetta transforms into a small train and runs over her enemies.

Wartrain Gouon is the infernal demon bound to this weapon, which has a few notable abilities.


Gear Scream

The Gear Scream ability allows you to attack with chainsaws attached to both arms while turning left. Hold down the kick button to extend the attack for three laps.


Loop Signal

As fun as this weapon is, Wartrain Gouon can be difficult to control – especially when trying to move the rails vertically. That’s where the Loop Signal ability is helpful. It makes the train spin in place, making it great for airborne enemies. 


Ribbit Libido BZ55 & Baal

The Ribbit Libido BZ55 is another great long-range weapon in Bayonetta 3 that can also keep enemies at bay. The spear-like weapon can be swung (vertically or horizontally) and thrust at enemies. You can also use it to fire projectiles.

The Ribbit Libido BZ55 unlocks after chapter 9, and Baal is the demon bound to it. Some of its top skills include:


A Capella

With the A Capella skill, Bayonetta shouts into a microphone, creating a sonic blast around her. A Capella has a large area of effect.


Brise Vole

The Brise Vole skill has the demon Baal perform a flip kick while spraying poison. Keep tapping the kick button to deal some additional blows.


Simoon & Malphas

Simoon is a great weapon for medium-range attacks, and you can unlock it after completing chapter 9. The Infernal Demon Malphas is bound to Simoon, and it transforms Bayonetta into a giant crow-like bird during Demon Masquerade.

Simoon’s notable skills are:



Use Khanjar to charge toward enemies and sends Bayonetta back to her starting position.



The Tempest ability has Malphas create a powerful whirlwind that draws in all nearby enemies and objects, spinning them around and sending them flying into the air.  


Tartarus & Umbran Clock Tower

The Umbran Clock Tower is a manifestation of the same tower that once symbolized the Umbra Witches. It was destroyed in the war. Haunted by the souls of dead witches, the tower is now cursed. 

This demon unlocks after Chapter 11. It’s an immovable object, but it’s powerful, nonetheless. Tartarus uses the Umbran Clock Tower as an infernal demon.

You can use Tartarus as a gatling gun. Some of its best abilities include:


Chain of Megaera

With Chain of Megaera, Bayonetta merges with the demon and releases a spiked ball into the sky – taking enemies along for the ride.


Emperor’s Dread

The Emperor’s Dread ability sends out a shockwave as Bayonetta stomps the ground. Letting off the tower’s cap will allow it to continue tramping enemies.  


Abracadabra & Mictlantecuhtli

Abracadabra, which unlocks after chapter 12, uses magic tricks to fight enemies. Mictlantecuhtli is the Infernal Demon bound to it. 

Abracadabra is considered one of the best long-range weapons. It consists of a wand named Cadabra and a hat called Abra. 

Bayonetta can use Abracadabra to summon just about anything, from explosives to birds. It can also summon electric bats to fight enemies from a distance.

Notable abilities include:



The Shuffle skill transforms Bayonetta into a flock of bats, allowing her to move freely across the battlefield. 


Storm Stinger

Use Storm Stinger to harness Mictlantecuhtli’s power and send it out as a powerful laser beam. Because this ability needs to be charged, you’ll need to be in a safe spot to use it.


Cruel Altea & Labolas

Cruel Altea unlocks after completing Bayonetta’s main story. Labolas is the demon bound to the weapon, which is five cats that can split apart during combat. 

Cruel Altea can deliver a range of different attacks. It gives Bayonetta’s punches a longer range and burns enemies with blue fire.

Some of Cruel Altea and Labolas’ best abilities are:


Quad Gatling

With Quad Gatling, you can perform multiple punches. Smash the X button to get a combo.


Maneuver: Crescent

Use Maneuver: Crescent to make Labolas split and charge circularly. Any enemies that come into contact are knocked down. At the end of the move, Labolas merges back together and performs a lunge bite move.

During Crescent, smash the Y button to achieve a combo.


Alruna & Alraune

To unlock Alruna and Alraune, you’ll need to complete chapter 3’s Phenomenal Remnant and have all three Umbran Tears.


Grind Stripper

The Ground Stripper skill causes Bayonetta to spin at high speed, covering the ground around her in vines. Bayonetta can move around during this move to ensure no enemy escapes her grasp.


Madam’s Ardour

Use Madam’s Ardour to charge at enemies, grabbing those who are airborne, too. Finish with a tail slam on the ground.


Cassiopeia & Kraken

Cassiopeia is a demonic anchor that is bound to the Infernal Demon Kraken. It unlocks after chapter 14’s Phenomenal Remnant.

Although slow, Cassiopeia can deal some serious damage. From time to time, the anchor also summons Kraken tentacles that can deal AOE or single-target damage.


Black Entry

Black Entry is a great crowd control ability, but it can also deal some significant damage. The move uses Kraken’s tentacles to launch Bayonetta into the air before slamming into the ground. The slam sends out ink splashes that send small enemies flying. 


Onyx Stampede

Use the Onyx Stampede ability to send the Kraken charging forward while swinging its tentacles. Finish with a slam to the ground.


4 Beginner Tips for Bayonetta 3

1. Take Advantage of Practice Mode

Bayonetta 3 introduces a full practice mode that’s unlocked after completing a few missions. You can also access the practice mode by pressing the Plus button. 

Practice mode gives you a chance to test out combos and other abilities for as long as you want. Use it to your advantage to improve your game and master combos.


2. Master Dodging

In Bayonetta 3, defence is just as important as offence. Learning how to dodge at just the right time will not only protect you from damage, but it will also activate Witch Time. Witch Time slows down time and gives you a moment to counter an attack. 


3. Explore

Bayonetta 3 was originally slated to be an open-world game. While you don’t have a fully open world in this game, you do have some more freedom to explore, so make sure that you do.

You’ll find challenges and secrets along the way if you make exploring a priority. 

While exploring, you’re sure to come across Challenge Portals, which are hidden verse challenges. These portals have time constraints and you’ll have limited vitality, but they are worth mastering. 

Completing challenges will reward you with Broken Witch Hearts and Broken Moon Pearls. They also force you to get creative with your combat skills, which can help you later on in the game.


4. Wait to Visit Phenomenal Remnants

Phenomenal Remnants are secret chapters that are unlocked by finding all three Umbrian Tears of Blood in each chapter. Each Phenomenal Remnant has its own requirements for completion. These requirements can be challenging for new players, so it may be worth waiting until later to visit them. Waiting until you’ve upgraded your weapons, demons and skills will make these challenges less frustrating for new players.



These are the best skills to use in Bayonetta 3, but they’ll only improve your game if you master them. If you’re new to the game or want to improve your skill, check out gameplays and streamers on YouTube and Twitch. And if you’re looking for more games with crazy boss battles, check out our list!

And don’t forget to tune in to Nintendo Direct for more info on upcoming games and content for Nintendo Switch.