Bethesda Drops Suits Against Warner Bros For Its Westworld Mobile Game

Bethesda Softworks has reached an amicable settlement with Warner Bros. Entertainment over the Westworld mobile game that Bethesda has alleged was a direct ripoff of its Fallout Shelter mobile game.

westworld game

Bethesda managed to detect a similar bug in an early version of Fallout Shelter that was also present in the Westworld game, which Behaviour, Westworld mobile game’s publisher, claims that no code from Fallout Shelter was used in their game previously. All three companies, Bethesda Softworks, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Behaviour Interactive have reached an amicable resolution over this matter. However, no statement was given and none of the terms were disclosed to the general public. A notice has been filed in federal court that both sides have reached an agreement and the dispute is now considered resolved.