Bethesda Visits A Young Cancer Patient And Plays Fallout 76 With Him

Wes is a a twelve year old kid who has been receiving treatment in New York to combat stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer.

bethesda and wes

The initial treatment was ineffective and Wes’ doctors are figuring out the next best plan for him. Wes condition had worsened and the kid was extremely disappointed that he probably would never get to play Fallout 76 when it launches in November. Wes is a huge fan of the Fallout franchise and he had already preordered the Power Armor Edition as soon as it was available. Bethesda caught wind about it and the company’s assistant director Matt Grandstaff made a four-hour trip down to Virginia to meet Wes.

According to a Facebook post, Wes’ parents said that Grandstaff brought a copy of Fallout 76, along with a prototype of the power armor helmet signed by Todd Howard. Although Wes does not get to keep the game because it’s too early, just those hours of playtime made him much happier.

Interested donors can make contributions to the Go Fund Me page that was set up for Wes and his family to pay the costs associated with expanses and medical bills.