Biggest Video Game Busts of 2018

2018 was filled with amazing titles and unforgettable adventures. From Monster Hunter: World to Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers were spoiled. God of War blew people’s minds and the new Super Smash Ultimate is Nintendo’s most anticipated game in years. With all these amazing titles, it’s always good to take a moment and look back at the other end of the spectrum.

There are some terrible games out there. Some have improved since release, but many haven’t. The games on this list are just a few of the biggest gaming busts of 2018.


Its name suits the game well. Playing Agony was nothing short but pure agony. The graphics were terrible, the gameplay was unbearable, and the story was lackluster. Videos about Agony were circulating on popular social media platforms for years and anticipation continued to grow. People were curious about what type of game the developers, Madmind Studio were planning on releasing. After it launched, the high hopes surrounding this dark adventure were quickly extinguished. Agony was nothing more than a flop.

With all the amazing games to release in 2018, Agony would have been all but forgotten if it wasn’t for an article discussing the least successful video games of the year. The gameplay above offers a quick look inside the hellish world Madmind Studios created. Only a few minutes into the game it was obvious this game wasn’t ready for the open market.

Metal Gear Survive

When gameplay first surfaced of Metal Gear Survive, the gaming community was generally excited to give the new Metal Gear title a try. Shortly after release, it became clear it was not going to live up to expectations.

metal gear survive

A dull story, limited content, and a general lack of excitement all added up to one of the biggest video game busts of 2018. Metal Gear Survive was a grind, a confusing grind that didn’t offer much in the way of rewards. Gamers were tasked with running mundane missions against a horde of undead creatures. It’s hard to imagine a zombie survival game that made use of all the classic Metal Gears technology could miss the mark so badly. Konami and Konami Digital Entertainment wanted to develop a new take on this beloved series but what they delivered was a massive let down. Seasoned Metal Gear fans and newcomers were both left feeling disappointed and dissatisfied.

Bravo Team

PlayStation VR had a troubling start. This consumer-level virtual reality headset made exclusively for the PlayStation 4 has potential but VR game development isn’t quite where it needs to be in order for the technology to truly shine. Bravo Team was yet another let down in the world of PlayStation VR gaming.

bravo team

Virtual Reality games are supposed to immerse the player in a fantasy world but that isn’t the case with Bravo Team. The clunky mechanics completely disengage the player as they struggle to get a handle on the unresponsive controls. Voice acting and a strong story can be enough to make up for an ugly and roughly made game. However, both these aspects were also lacking in Bravo Team. There are high hopes for VR gaming as long as developers don’t take notes from Bravo Team.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Final Fantasy fans were excited when they heard about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT but that excitement quickly faded. Taking characters from all throughout the massive Final Fantasy universe and mashing them together in a fighter sounded like a good idea until Team Ninja and Arc System Works got ahold of it. This mangled mess of a fighter made the list of biggest video game busts of 2018.

dissidia final fantasy

Anime fighting games have a tendency to use a 3D fighting plane which looks great but doesn’t deliver what fans really want, a good fighting experience. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gives gamers the ability to use so many unique characters from almost every game in the Final Fantasy universe and still fails when it comes to the actual gameplay. The 3D fighting plane leaves too much room for the fighters to wander and makes any exchange between the two awkward and uneventful. It’s hard to imagine a Final Fantasy fighting game would be anything less than thrilling but somehow, the developers created a dull and unsuccessful fighter.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves stands out when compared to the rest of the games on this list. It may have been torn apart by reviewers, the community and it is in an article focusing on the biggest video game busts of 2018, but it’s not all bad. The developer, Rare, promised a massive pirate sandbox for gamers to enjoy. Sail the seas with a pirate crew, hoard treasure and become a Pirate Legend. This is exactly what they delivered.

sea of thieves

However, Sea of Thieves missed a massive opportunity when it released in March of 2018. Oceans were too vast, adventures were too scarce, and the game quickly turned into a repetitive grind. After launch, Rare continued to maintain and update Sea of Thieves, quickly adding content the community initially wanted. Slowly but surely, Sea of Thieves began to grow and offer a much more enriching pirate adventure. Better when played with a group, there are countless adventures to be had on the high seas. It just took a little time before Sea of Thieves became the game the developer first envisioned.

All the games on this list fall into an incredibly unfortunate category, the biggest gaming busts of 2018. Each for their own reasons, they all didn’t live up to expectations. Some are much more palatable than others and there is hope for a few. However, with all the amazing games to make it to consoles and PC in 2018, these are a few to avoid. Don’t get stuck playing a disappointing game. There are far too many out there that can take any gamer on an adventure they’ll never forget.

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