BioWare Will Reveal More About Anthem At E3

Electronic Arts has announced that they will be releasing more details regarding Anthem at EA Play 2018 next weekend.

EA will host its own EA PLay 2018 event on June 9 till Jun 11 and has promised lots of information about Bioware’s Anthem. A thorough look at Anthem gameplay is going to be shown through a new footage. A comprehensive look at combat will also be revealed together with the Javelin class exosuit powers. In addition to the gameplay, a new trailer will also be revealed featuring more on the storyline and characters.

BioWare’s general manager has also been stoking interest in Anthem lately with a monthly developer blog about the state of the studio, and also Anthem in particular. In the latest entry, he said BioWare is attempting something really different in building a player-focused hero narrative inside an online world, and promised that live gameplay along with other information will be revealed at the EA Play event on June 9.