BioWare’s Anthem Might Face Delays And Likely To Release On Early 2019

Anthem is a game which has a unique living world that combines shooting mechanics together with those of multiplayer online role-playing games. This upcoming game gained a great deal of attention when the gameplay video concept was revealed, and EA did mention before that Anthem would launch in Fall 2018.

However, Kotaku reported that Anthem will be missing its projected release window and in fact will not arrive until early 2019. BioWare has been transferring most of its resources over to Anthem in recent months. Mark Darrah, Dragon Age Executive Producer, said that he is presently focusing on Anthem along with the next Dragon Age.

Anthem has often been compared to Destiny 2, and a few of the development team at BioWare worry that’s placing them under unneeded pressure. No thanks to the failures of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the biggest disappointment of 2017 and last year’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy, Bioware team is concerned that they will not have the ability to satisfy gamer’s expectations when Anthem is finally released.