Black Desert Online (SEA): Drakania Awakening

Black Desert Online (SEA): Drakania Awakening

The July 27, 2022 update bring in a Variety of Event, New Awakening Class, New Season Pass, and more!


Event Periods

Event 1 – Ash Dragon’s Roar
July 27, 2022 to August 10, 2022

Event 2 – Unmissable Benefits for New and Returning Adventures

Event 3 – Dawn of Dragons Level-up Perks
July 27, 2022 to Sept 28, 2022

Event 4 – 100 Loyalties Shop for Dawn of Dragons
July 27, 2022 to Aug 24, 2022

Event 5 – Dragons of Black Desert World
July 27, 2022 to Aug 3, 2022

Event 6 – Reach Lv. 50 for a Free Game Pass!
July 27, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

Event 7 – The Dragon Appreciation Society is Looking for Talent
July 27, 2022 to Aug 23, 2022


Drakania Awakening

The most exciting part of this update is about the new class Drakania Awakening. The awaken of Drakania will wield two spear and it can shift between “Hexeblood” and ‘Dragonblood” form. In Hexeblood form Drakania will fight in Human form while in Dragonblood form She will fight in Dragon form.


Dawn of Dragons

Moreover, the new season have start. Which means the Dawn of Dragons Season Pass is now out and it will be available on July 27, 2022 to Sept 28, 2022! You can purchase Black Spirit Pass to obtain more rewards from Dawn of Dragons Season Pass!


You can Top up at OffGamers to purchase the Black Spirit Pass!

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5,000 CC



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