Black Desert Online (SEA): Splendid Boxes & Splendid Seals!

Black Desert Online (SEA): Splendid Boxes & Splendid Seals!

The Splendid Boxes & Splendid Seals can be purchase now at the Pearl Shop!

Purchase Shakatu’s Splendid Box to receive one of the following Shakatu’s Golden Treasures Box or Shakatu’s Treasure Box!

Furthermore, every time you buy Shakatu’s Splendid Box, you’ll also receive Shakatu’s Splendid Seal where you can exchange it.

Exchange Item list:

1 x Splendid Seal for Cron Stone x30
10 x Splendid Seal for Shakatu Secret Box.

Available from Nov 23 – Dec 7, 2022.
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Cherry Credits

Razer Gold

Steam Wallet







For more Information, please visit:
Black Desert Official Site

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