Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows patch is here

We continue our journey in raising young Jinsoyun all the while working with the Old and New Masters to stem the tide of evil and stopping Mushin from achieving his grand plan.

Blade Master and Kung Fu Master Third Class Specialization

The third class specialization will be available for the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master. Embrace the Way of the Spectral Blade or Way of the Iron Claw!

Fortune’s Bounty Event

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a master angler, collect Fortune Fish in the new event. Fortune Fish and along with Angler’s Pearls can be exchange for event rewards including Fish Oil that can be used as a discounted offering item in upgrading your weapon.


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An Introduction to Fishing

For every fish you catch, you’ll be rewarded with Anger’s Pearls that you can spend on various rewards. Don’t tire yourself out though because you can only fish for so long!

Rare fish species will award more Angler’s Pearls


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