Blade & Soul – Get Spooked! Blade & Ghoul Arrives on October 21



The spooky season has arrived with events to take part in!

  • The Earthen Realm gets into the spirit of spookiness when Blade & Ghoul arrives on October 21. Tricks and treats are ready for you to unlock in our candy-ful events!

Blade & Ghoul Events

  • Halloween is in full swing in Blade & Ghoul, and what better way to celebrate the chilling season than indulging in treat-filled events?
  • We have special Ghoulish Halloween Treats just for you, so don’t forget to grab yours from the Hongmoon Store for 0 Hongmoon Coin. Ghoulish Halloween Treats are filled with Pumpkin Taffy and a Halloween Haul to get you started. Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges will earn you more Pumpkin Taffy and Halloween Hauls as well as a trip to the Tower of Memory.
  • We’ll also have bonus rewards for completing dynamic quests from specific raids and the Three Sages are feeling a bit generous when you defeat the fiery dragon Koldrak.

Naryu Sanctum Challenge Dungeon

  • Xanos is back! Face off against him in this season’s dungeon challenge to get Sanctum Challenge Tokens. Exchange your tokens with Tower Exchanger Kangcha in Mushin’s Tower for a Custom Dark Devotion costume, Psyches, and other cool consumables.

Upgrade to Silversteel Weapon – Stage 7 through 9

  • Evolve your Silversteel weapon to the final stages with Stage 7 – 9 unlocked! There are no cost adjustments for lower Legendary Raid weapon tiers this time around, except for a minor change for Grand Celestial weapon upgrades.

New Pet Gems

  • Tanzanite and Jasper Pet Gems join our family of Pet Gems. Jasper Pet Gems supply Attack Power and Debuff Damage while Tanzanite Pet Gems supply Attack Power, Debuff Damage, and PvP Attack Power.
  • Try out the new Jasper and Tanzanite Pet Gems from our upcoming Blade & Ghoul events beginning October 21!


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For more information:
Blade & Ghoul Arrives on October 21 Event Preview Page

Additional Websites:
OffGamers BLADE & SOUL (PC) (US)
OffGamers 剑灵 (PC) (中服)


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