Blade & Soul: Secret of the Stratus

Blade & Soul’s latest expansion will be arriving soon and will be featuring Act 7: The Search, new skill system, Mushin’s Tower, and many more.

BnS Heaven's_Reach

Act 7: The Search
Hunt down the Hongmoon School’s youngest and most valuable protégé with the help of your students and some new allies: Chol Mugo, Admiral of the Blackram South Fleet, and Ku Yang, the new Blade Master representative.

BnS Lvl 50

Needing to climb to Level 50? No need for that! There is a new account service will be allow new characters to be created at Level 50, with all essentials to continue adventuring in Blade & Soul. Additionally, the cap for Hongmoon Levels will also be raised to 20! You will be able to practice your skills/combos against dungeon bosses in the new Hongmoon Training Room



Mushin’s Tower
An isolated tower sits off the coast, remote and inaccessible until now. The Tower of Trials, as the dungeon is also known, contains 20 floors of increasingly-difficult challenges, each designed to be faced as a solo player.

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Blade & Soul: Secret of the Stratus


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