Blade Strangers Is Coming To PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Blade Strangers is currently in development by Studio Saizensen and the fighting game is a combination of a classic gameplay style with various modern elements. In addition to that, the game will also be playable in both offline and online modes, a diverse character roster, and smooth character animations blended with flashy visuals.

The game also comes with a vast assortment of combos and special moves for those seeking to overcome their opponent in style. The studio expects that this will finally provide hours of entertainment as players battle in extreme, tournament-style competitions.

For the character animations, the company says these are made utilizing a unique and proprietary process. While 3D models render individual frames, these are subsequently converted into sprites to provide them a manual touch-up by experienced 2D artists. This results in a cel-like presentation while at the same time providing higher fluidity.

Blade Strangers additionally introduces new fighters together with present characters from past titles and franchises. For instance, Studio Saizensen welcomes characters from Code of Princess EX while Nicalis brings those from Cave Story+.

Blade Strangers is expected to be available this summer on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and PC.