Blast Into Battle as the New Cannoneer Class in MapleStory M

MapleStory M, Nexon’s free-to-play mobile MMORPG, added the Cannoneer, an explosive and deadly new class accompanied by a playful monkey that provides attack support. A number of celebratory growth events mark the arrival of the Cannoneer, alongside a new season of the Daisy Style Festival, where mobile Maplers have the chance to earn rewards by impressing their fellow players with their fashion sense.

The Cannoneer uses its titular weapon, a deadly hand cannon forged by the Nautilus’ resident inventor, to deal massive damage with a wide attack range. This powerful pirate is accompanied by his best friend, a monkey befriended on Coco Island, who provides attack support in combat. In addition to dealing damage, the Cannoneer can use his Pirate Blessing skill to buff other characters in the same party.

This class joins MapleStory M with three celebratory events to support the growth of new Cannoneers and their adorable primate companions:

  • Cannoneer On-Time Event – Login from March 16 to March 23 to receive rewards including character slot coupons, auto-battle tickets, pet packages, and more!
  • Cannoneer Mega Burning Event – From March 16 to April 19, Maplers can select one character as a Mega Buring Character that will then receive 2 additional levels each time they level up.
  • Cannoneer Growth Support Mission – From March 16 to April 19, Cannoneer characters can attempt various missions to receive various rewards that will support their growth. On top of growth-focused rewards, completing certain missions will also grant Cannoneer exclusive cosmetics.


This update also marks the start of Season 2 of the Daisy Style Festival, which runs until March 30. This fashion competition invites Maplers to register their characters in order to show off their sense of style and vote for the best styles from other players. Rewards including event coins, titles, and more will be awarded based on the number of votes received from fellow Maplers. Players can vote twice per day and register their style once per week, per account.

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