Blastoise comes to Pokémon Unite, you can even dress him up

After an interminable wait, Blastoise is now available to play in Pokémon Unite, the free-to-play Pokémon MOBA. The Pokémon Company announced Blastoise’s arrival last week in an exasperated tweet, but it wasn’t until launch day that we got to see just how dapper the Shellfish Pokémon would be in its decorative Holowear.

Looking all fancy, with its boater hat, sharp vest, brooch, and pocket square, but out on the Pokémon Unite battlefield, you wouldn’t want to mess with him. To get this look, Pokémon Unite players will need to spend 400 Aeos gems, the game’s real-money premium currency.

Blastoise evolves from Wartortle, which in turn evolves from Squirtle. Along the way, Blastoise — a ranged defender — can learn Water Gun, Skull Bash, Hydro Pump, Water Spout, Surf, and Rapid Spin. Its Unite Move is Hydro Typhoon. According to the Unite Move’s official description, “Blastoise spins around and shoots out powerful blasts of water, washing away all opposing Pokémon around it.” You can see Blastoise in action in the character spotlight video above.

Pokémon Unite is available to download now on Nintendo Switch, and is coming to Android and iOS mobile devices on Sept. 22. Fashion-conscious Pokémon fans will be delighted to learn that they’ll get the Festival Style: Pikachu Holowear, as part of a promotion for the mobile game, thanks to 5 million pre-registrations.


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