Blastoise finally shoots water from it’s cannons in Sword & Shield’s DLC


Blastoise never uses its cannons in the main Pokémon games, but the Gigantamax version of Sword & Shield‘s DLC will change that.



Nintendo dropped more info about Pokémon Sword & Shield – Isle of Armor DLC yesterday. The most major announcement is that the content is coming on June 17. Fans were also treated to a look at new Legendary Pokémon and Galarian Slowbro. It was all well received, but there was one tidbit that really has hardcore fans excited. For the first time ever (in the main games), Blastoise will actually fire water from its cannons.


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As one of the three original starters, Blastoise needs no introduction. Its legacy, however, has come to evolve beyond that of nostalgic partner. For years, fans have pointed out that Blastoise never actually uses its back-mounted cannons when it performs a Water-type attack. Instead, the animation either shows it fire from its mouth or has the water appear magically from the aether.

Yet now, eight generations and 24 years later, a main series Pokémon game will contain an animation of Blastoise shooting water from its cannons. In fact, it’s shooting water out of a lot of cannons. The font color=”yellow”>Isle of Armor DLC will introduce Gigantamax Blastoise, which has a veritable fortress on its back. And it will fire enough cannons to make up for all the years of missed animations.

The DLC approach is a great way to address this criticism. The Isle of Armor and eventual second DLC Crown Tundra look to add the missing post game. They’ll bring 200 classic Pokémon back to Sword & Shield, a few new faces, and some extra challenges. It’s a shame that the bulk of this new content, which seems about as meaty as older games’ Battle Frontier, costs extra. But if Blastoise gets the all-clear to use its cannons for once, it means Game Freak might just be listening to fans.

Pokémon Sword & Shield – Isle of Armor will release on the 17th OF June for the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to grab it when it comes out with our Nintendo eShop gift cards below:

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