Blazing Temple Opens Its Infernal Gates to R.O.H.A.N!

Greetings Rohanians!

Blazing Temple:

🔥New NPCs(Shu [Disciple of Flames], Teros [Disciple of Flames] and more).
🔥New Quests(Igniel’s Armor Conversion Stone, Armor of Endless Flames and more).
🔥New Monsters(Kasa’s Eye, Flame Warlock and more).
🔥New Bosses(Kasa, Gray Phoenix and Green Phoenix).
🔥New Weapons(Igniel’s Transcendence Weapons).
🔥New Armors(Transcended Igniel’s Defense and Attack Sets).




GoCash USD100
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD50
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD20
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD15
Game Card (Global)
GoCash USD10
Game Card (Global)



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