Blizzard Is Paying Its Employees A Year’s Salary To Quit Their Jobs

Kotaku reported that Blizzard is attempting new ways to cut costs, like offering a year’s salary to its workers; if they are willing to leave the organization.


Eurogamer also reported that over 100 people from the company’s European customer service operation in Cork, Ireland have voluntarily accept the money to leave by the end of 2018. The company has left a statement and reassure its players that its customer support will not be heavily affected by the exit of over 100 staff towards the end of 2018. One staff who took up the offer said that:

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]It was too good to pass up. This is voluntary, do not get me wrong. But when you see a pile a cash in front of you, over and over again, you start to lose hope and cannot see a great situation ahead.[/quote]

The employees buyout strategy, also known as Career Crossroads, provides severance packages to workers who voluntarily leave the company. Blizzard’s financial department seems to be taking big measures to cut costs and with the recent buyout and the cancellation of the Heroes Global Championship for 2019, Blizzard’s direction has certainly changed.