Blizzard: Voice Chat for All Games!



If you’re looking to ditch your current chat application, you can now finally do it as “Blizzard Voice” has finally rolled out to the live game 20th October.


The system works a lot like Steam’s Voice Chat, letting you talk inside and outside of the games, as long as you have the Launcher open. The company promises “high quality voice audio and superior stability,” full customization, and the ability to “individually mute and change player volume.”

To try Blizzard Voice for yourself, update your client, open your friends list, select “Create a Channel,” and then invite all your pals. Alternatively, for a spot of one-on-one conversation, you can simply right-click a name in your list and select “Start a Voice Chat.”

Diablo Season 8 has started, click Diablo III: First Look of Season 8 to learn more.

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