Blizzard’s Overwatch is 50% Off Until January 2

Blizzard Entertainment is currently offering Overwatch PC version at half the usual price and players who are interested in getting their hands on the team-based shooter should grab a copy before January 2, 2018. This promotion is also extended to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch.

Players can find the PC version of Overwatch for 50% off the standard price from store. The standard edition now cost only $19.99 instead of $39.99. Furthermore, you can find the Game Of The Year version of Overwatch for $29.99, which not only contains the base game and all of the standard game modes and heroes, but also additional features, loot boxes, and cosmetic items too.

Overwatch’s winter event has started at this time, which allow players to unlock some new skins and participate in the team-based events like Snowball fight game mode and the new Mei’s Yeti Hunt.