“Blue Archive” Main Story Update Vol. 3 Eden Treaty Released


July 28, 2022 – A shocking turn of events unfolds just before the Eden Treaty can be signed in the latest Blue Archive main story update “Vol. 3 Eden Treaty: Chapter 3 ‘Our Stories’” from publisher Nexon, released Wednesday, July 27. Along with the update, new student Nodoka (Hot Spring) has been added and in-game currency Pyroxene will be gifted to players who log in by Tuesday, Aug. 2.

This update tells the story of Sensei and his students signing the Eden Treaty to reveal Trinity General School’s traitor. As everyone breathes a sigh of relief after the traitor is placed behind bars, a shocking turn of events unfolds and sends Trinity into chaos.

Alongside the main story update, players can recruit special student Nodoka (Hot Spring) from the Red Winter Federal Academy’s Spec Ops No. 227. Nodoka (Hot Spring)’s EX Skill allows her to heal any ally with the lowest health within a circular range by throwing snacks at them.

All players who log-in by Tuesday, Aug. 2 will receive 1,200 Pyroxene; players who log-in seven days straight will be given 100 Pyroxene each day until Tuesday, Aug. 9. On the seventh day, the 3★ Furniture Twinkling Christmas Tree that increases café Comfort will be rewarded.



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