“Blue Archive” New Year’s Rhapsody Celebration Now Live


Popular mobile RPG Blue Archive from publisher Nexon revealed new story event “New Year’s Rhapsody No. 68” that centers around Problem Solver 68 members. As Problem Solver 68’s students visit the New Year’s Event Plaza to celebrate the new year in Kivotos, they are faced with an unexpected incident. It’s up to players to help the students and join in on the various rewards available in this update.

Aru (New Year) and Mutsuki (New Year) from Problem Solver 68 join the battlefield. When Aru uses her EX Skill, she obtains 1 Skill Cost per evil deed and deals piercing damage proportional to her ATK to one enemy, which then can bounce a maximum of 11 times among enemies. Mutsuki’s EX Skill deals mystic damage proportional to her ATK to enemies in an arch-shaped area.

In addition to the story update, 15 different New Years-themed furniture items such as “New Year Pattern Background” and “New Year Releazing Kotatsu” have been added. Various events will be held in celebration of the update. All users who log-in by Tuesday, Aug. 16 will receive 1,200 of in-game currency Pyroxene. Also, players will receive a “New Year’s Lucky Pouch” for completing the event story and quest, which can be exchanged for various rewards such as “Mutsuki’s Eleph,” “Kayoko’s Eleph” and more until Tuesday, Aug. 30.



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