Blue Archive Rocks the Stage with Hatsune Miku

World-famous vocaloid star Hatsune Miku enters the world of Blue Archive in a special in-game event “Hatsune Miku’s Special LIVE in Kivotos – The Rehearsal Episode.” The event releases three rhythm games including one of Miku’s most popular songs, “Tell Your World.” Fans will be showered with plenty of limited in-game rewards and items all month long.

Just how she rocks the stage, Hatsune Miku is ready to rock the battlefield. She is an Explosive Attack Type Supporter, healing allies and increasing their attack damage. She will be available via Unique Pick-up until Tuesday, June 28.

Publisher Nexon posted a special video celebrating Hatsune Miku’s arrival in Blue Archive. Fans can learn how Miku was able to stand on Kivotos’ live stage thanks to Sensei’s help.

“We’ve prepared the new song ‘Blue New World’ with Hatsune Miku as Blue Archive’s first collab,” Blue Archive’s executive producer Yongha Kim said. “We’re looking forward to sharing this unique Miku Special Live update with Blue Archive’s fans.”

Players who log in before Saturday, June 18 will have a chance to receive various rewards in the Update Celebration On-Time Event. Rewards include 1,200 Pyroxene and character growth items such as “Superior Tactical Training Blur-ray Choice Ticket” and “Superior Tech Notes Choice Ticket.”

Additionally, raid content “Total Assault’s Kaitenger” (Urban Warfare) will be released with “Special Mission Decagrammaton” on Tuesday, June 12.


Further details regarding the Blue Archive and Hatsune Miku collaboration can be found on the Official Website and social media pages.




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