Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer shows off extreme sports combos

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a stylish homage to the Dreamcast era, but it still has a few new tricks up its sleeve. A new trailer shown by Team Reptile shows off all that the game’s world has to offer, including new gameplay of the BMX bike, skateboarding, and inline skating. The Jet Set Radio-esque action-graffiti game is scheduled to be released in 2022, and a note from game director Dion Koster stated that the team is “going hard” to release the game this year.

The new trailer features a fresh track called “AGUA” by Bx’treme, and includes a comment explaining why the team decided to include skateboarding, skating, and BMX. According to Koster, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk “is a game about the street,” and it’s intended to be “a big street culture symphony” of the childhood feelings of going to places like the skatepark. In that spirit, the team decided to bring new extreme sports to the game.

Koster also gave prospective players a tip: Apparently, the way players get around the city will play an important role in the game. “Style is not only about appearance,” Koster said. “Many secrets can be found by getting points and doing combos throughout the stage.”

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you won’t just be doing sick tricks. You’ll also spray graffiti and avoid the law as you try to become an All City King. The developers also announced that the game will feature new music from composer Hideki Naganuma, the composer behind Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future’s iconic soundtracks.

Team Reptile revealed Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in 2020. So far, we know that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.




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