Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2


The action role-playing game, Borderlands 2, is basically a first-person shooter game which was developed by the renowned Gearbox Software. The game was published on 18th September, 2012 by 2K games. This is a sequel to the famous Borderlands game which was launched in 2009. Originally Borderlands 2 was launched for OS X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows platforms. On 13th May, 2014, the game was transitioned to PlayStation Vita edition. Like the original edition, Borderlands 2 enables the players to participate in campaigns which include optional side-missions and central quests.

The player assumes the role of “Vault Hunters”, who are the treasure seekers on Pandora. Borderlands 2 retain major gameplay features of the original version including character-building elements; shields, weapons, and other randomly generated loots; and online collaborative campaigns.
The gameplay of Borderlands 2 is quite similar to the first Borderlands game. The players have the option of choosing various weapon types like assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, etc. The weapons have distinct manufacturers and each of the weapons has varying effects.

The Tediore weapon is thrown when reloaded and explodes when it comes into contact with the enemy. The players have their own standard melee attack. With the help of class mods and skill trees, the melee attacks can be enhanced effectively. As a player, you have access to the “Action Skill”. For each class, the Action Skill is distinct and it is influenced by the skill tree of the characters. When the player defeats bosses, completes quests, or earns more kills, he collects experience points. These points are spent on skills.

Game Description

In Borderlands 2, a new feature called “Badass Ranking” has been introduced. This is actually a leveling system which affects the gameplay. Upon completion of challenges, the players can achieve tokens which can be utilized for increasing base stats like health, melee damage, critical hit damage, damage, recoil reduction, and fire rate. The attributes of the base stats are put back to every character. In the opening scene of Borderlands 2, 4 new Vault Hunters are introduced.

The train (a trap laid down by Handsome Jack) which they ride in the opening scene explodes. Vault Hunters recover from this trap and are found in the frozen wasteland by the last Hyperion Claptrap unit. The Hunters are contacted by the Guardian Angel, who instructs them to go with Claptrap and join forces with the Crimson Raiders in City of Sanctuary. Vault Hunters and Claptrap manage to defeat Captain Flynt and escape the wasteland.
After arriving to the city, the Hunters’ new mission is to rescue the Crimson Raiders’ leader, Roland. He is captured by the bounty hunter named Firehawk. When the Hunters meet Firehawk, they find that it is actually Lilith. The powers of Lilith have been considerably increased by the supply of eridium. The Hunters are informed by Lilith that Roland was imprisoned by some bandits. The Hunters manage to rescue Roland from the bandits and then returns to the Sanctuary.
Borderlands 2, like its predecessor, have 4 initial characters including Mordecai, Brick, Lilith, and Roland. These are the characters which will be encountered by the new characters in various missions. Some characters like Claptrap and Guardian Angel help the players during their missions. Certain characters like Patricia Tennis, Marcus, Dr. Zed, and Scooter the mechanic join new forces.


In Borderlands 2, the world is diverse and colorful. It offers witty writings along with rewarding or bountiful rewards. The combat in this game is rowdy and entertaining. It’s great fun to team up with the other players and work your approach through various quests. Achieving richer rewards, increased skills, and the Pandoran glory is certainly entertaining. The game in all the console, PC, and portable versions is easy to play with. Engaging with the enemies in close combats is also very satisfying.

There are several enemies including the giant attack robots which specialize in building other robots; shotgun-wielding midgets which emerge from the lockers; lumbering insects that are capable of spewing corrosive acid; speedy lizards which can teleport and turn invisible; and heavy flamethrower troops wielding bulky shields. Marshaling your fighting options and bringing destruction to the enemies is definitely entertaining. The positives of Borderlands 2 are summarized below:

  • The story is well-placed and cohesive and includes a powerful antagonist
  • The aggressive enemies have the ability to act intelligently
  • Assassin and Gunzerker classes are entertaining to play with
  • Diversity in enemies, weapons, and characters
  • To shoot the creative enemies you can utilize various powerful guns
  • The gaming world is beautiful and awesome
  • Leveling and looting are rewarding
  • Intriguing skill trees


Some of the shortcomings which the gaming experts and the critics don’t like includes the following:

  • No instant saves
  • The spoken messages often interrupt each other
  • The entire loot is shared
  • The visual customization is underdeveloped
  • Textures pop-in occasionally
  • Uneven and patchy side quests
  • Disconnection between the campaign and the online cooperation
  • Sharing of loots in the multiplayer mode
  • During heavy combat the frame rate can slow down
  • Sometimes the audio gets overburdened


On the whole, Borderlands 2 is interesting and entertaining first-person shooter game. However, it still has a rough feeling around the edges and there are some improvements over the predecessor including the inventory systems, loots, and the glitched enemies have been made. Many experts and game critics believe that more possible improvements could have been made by Gearbox.

Overall though, Borderlands 2 performs well in the FPS market where first-person shooter games are dominating the video games market these days. Other shooter games don’t have the same combination of loot-based role playing and fast-firing action gaming elements.

The sequel i.e. Borderlands 2 preserves all the good elements of the predecessor and also makes numerous improvements in class skill design and the narrative. Some extra visual customization options can enhance the game even better. Gamers shouldn’t overlook this excellent shooter game and give it a try. Play this game and plunge yourself in the wonderful, bizarre, and hilarious world of Pandora.



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