Brave Frontier: Omni Evolution

The power of Omni Evolution will be gracing the whole of Grand Gaia with its presence soon. We want you to take part in its debut, Summoners!

Have you played Brave Frontier before?

There will be a series of amazing events for you to experience starting March 28, 0:00 PST [March 28, 1:00 PDT]. Events are divided into different phases, with each phase being unlocked every week!


Schedule for events:

Phase 1 – March 28, 0:00 PST to April 3, 23:59 PST (March 28, 1:00 PDT – April 4, 0:59 PDT)

Omni Login Campaign

Get awesome gifts by logging in daily in this 40 Day Login Campaign – Players need to fulfill 30 days out of the 40-day Login Campaign to be eligible for the Unit of Choice, list of gifts includes crystal set x3, Gems, even Brave Medals and many more.

Click here for more information!

Phase 2: April 4, 0:00 PST – April 10, 23:59 PST (April 4, 1:00 PDT – April 11, 0:59 PDT)

  • Global Exclusive New Unit Release – it is yet to be confirmed
  • Heroes Challenge RerunReplay Classic Battles and stand a chance to recruit any of the 6 Legendary Heroes on their respective Vortex dungeons.



Phase 3: April 11, 0:00 PST – April 24, 23:59 PST (April 11, 1:00 PDT – April 25, 0:59 PDT)

  • Legends Awaken – Omni Evolution
    • Time to unlock their might. Revel in Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro and Magress’ Omni Evolution prowess!
  • Vortex Events
    • Regular Vortex events that will help you on your Omni Evolution.


For more information regarding this event, click Omni Event!

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