BTS Island In the SEOM : Guide, Tips & top up!


BTS Island: In the SEOM is a mobile game published by HYBE IM Co., Ltd. on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, the players have to clear the match-3 puzzle levels to earn stars and gold, which are required to progress in the game.

BTS Island Guide: The Basics

BTS Island has all your favorite characters already unlocked. You can interact with them[long press and hold the character to lift them -> place the character on one of the decor/props or other characters), equip them with beautiful outfits, watch them do fun stuff, and for more, you will need to decorate the island with more decor items. By interacting with the characters, you can earn in-game currencies like gold, and there is a chance that the character will obtain happiness points.

In the beginning, you should focus on the daily missions. To complete the daily missions, you need to earn stars. Play the match-3 puzzle stages to earn stars. Once you have a star or more, tap on the mission button in the lower-left corner -> spend the star to complete a mission. When you finish a mission, you get rewards, such as coins, happiness, gem, etc. On milestones, you get premium rewards; outfits or costumes for the character, gems, loot box, etc.

BTS Island Guide: Characters

Characters in the BTS Island: In the SEOM are RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. You will find all these characters on the island. Press and hold the character to lift -> place on decor or props or other characters to interact; you may earn coins or happiness points for that character.

BTS Island Guide: How To Get Costumes?

The best way to earn a costume in BTS Island: In the SEOM is by increasing the happiness score. You can check the happiness bar in the character menu; tap the character icon in the lower-left corner, then select a character. When the character’s happiness bar gets full, you get a gift box; it may contain a high-grade costume. So make sure to interact with the characters, complete daily missions, and make choices whenever possible.

BTS Island Guide: How To Get Gems?

Complete daily missions. Happiness Milestone reward. Events or Stages. Play Pass reward.

BTS Island Guide: Scores?

Popularity Score: increases when you get gifts from other players. Add friends and ask them if they can send you gifts.

Costume Score: increases as you gain more costumes. The high-grade costume gives more points.

How to top up BTS Island: In the SEOM, Simple & Easy!

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