Bungie Revealed Destiny 2’s Content Roadmap For The Upcoming Months

Game developer Bungie has announced Destiny 2’s content roadmap that is planned for next month till 2019.

Black Armory is the first content that will launch on December 4, and Forsaken Annual Pass owners can participate in a wave-based activity by defending the forge as it builds their Fireteam a new weapon. While many of the events that is scheduled to go live this coming months are free to everyone, however, some of the new weapons, gears, raids and extra activities will only be available to Annual Pass holders.

destiny 2 schedule

The good news is that all Destiny players will have something to do each week, like seasonal event to increased power levels, exploring new quest, attaining new rank and vanity rewards. For those willing to spend more, they will have access to a great deal of content than non-paying players.

destiny 2 gameplay calendar