Buy AIA Token and Stand a Chance to Win $10 Worth of AIA Voucher!

USD10 AIA Token Lucky Winners List

Congratulations to all winners!

First Name: Senga – OffGamers ID: 3872675

First Name: Alice – OffGamers ID: 881175

First Name: Cheng – OffGamers ID: 163115

First Name: Jiap – OffGamers ID: 2930576

First Name: Nasal – OffGamers ID: 665375

First Name: Jeffrey – OffGamers ID: 234611

First Name: Lion – OffGamers ID: 2551104

First Name: Michael – OffGamers ID: 142433

First Name: Svenel – OffGamers ID: 2151457

First Name: Samuel – OffGamers ID: 4137830

First Name: Jeni – OffGamers ID: 562578

First Name: Bayman – OffGamers ID: 808346

First Name: Elenn – OffGamers ID: 5014994

First Name: Marek – OffGamers ID: 5258946

First Name: Res – OffGamers ID: 246764



Limited Offer: Buy any denomination of AIA Tokens and stand a chance of WINNING $10 USD worth of AIA VOUCHERS and spend on the new ALAX App Store for Android.

Event period: 26th October 13:00hr (GMT+8) – 1st November 12:59hr (GMT +8)

Promotion Details:

1. Buy any value of AIA Tokens at OffGamers during the event.
2. Automatically enter the Lucky Draw and stand a chance of Winning 10 AIA Tokens to spend on the ALAX App Store.
3. Lucky Draw winner list will be announced on OffGamers website one week after the event ends.
4. All 15 lucky winners will receive USD10 AIA Token one each on or before 11 Nov 2019.
5. All winners will receive their AIA Token Vouchers online via their registered OffGamers email.


Get your AIA Token via OffGamers now !!!



Redemption flow:

1. AIA Token voucher code can be redeemed any time by clicking on the “Top Up” button either in ALAX Store or ALAX Pay Apps, select “Input PIN code to top up” options, enter the pin code and DONE.
2. Redemption / Top-up Guide: Click Here.
3. Enjoy many cool Android games some exclusive only on the ALAX Store.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The customers purchase any AIA Token of any denomination during the promotion period are eligible for the Lucky Draw.
2. One customer may win one time in the Lucky Draw.
3. AIA Token can only be used on ALAX Store and ALAX Pay, it cannot be redeemed for fiat/cash.


For more information, please visit:
ALAX Official Site.

Related Link:
ALAX AIA Token (Global)


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