[C9] Event – Time to spend those Goddess’s Token!

Duration: Oct 08 ~ Oct 22, 2019

Clear below dungeons on Shadow Expert with party of 2 or more!

· Hidden Valley of Wind
· Fragements of Kodes
· Dying Forest of Eternity
· Schuternen Forest Logging Camp
· Abbysal Underways

You will get Token of Goddess for your adventure!


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Karma Koin
Karma Koin
Karma Koin
Karma Koin



GoCash Game Card
OpenBucks Card
Razer Gold
Webzen Wcoin



Collect and save up the tokens, and trade them with following items!

1 Token:

· Resurrection Scroll

5 Tokens:

· Gold Nethergem
· Ultimate Training [1 hr]

50 Tokens:

· Admiral Fighter Gear Chest
· Royal Spy Hunter Gear Chest
· Prismatic Shaman Gear Chest
· Siren Witchblade Gear Chest
· Karas Insurgents’ Mystic Gear Chest


For more information, please visit:
C9 Online Official Site.

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