Cabal Online – It’s time for a character makeover!

Duration: September 13 ~ September 18

Who doesn’t like change? Maybe you are tired of your good old hairstyle, or that face of yours is looking a bit too familiar, or maybe it is your name that doesn’t have that umph you once thought it did. Well, fret not! The perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself has arrived!

Cabal Online has a sale on everything you need to give your character the makeover he or she deserves! Enjoy 25% off Character Rename Cards, and a variety of Face / Hairstyle change kits! Your Nevarethian friends will barely recognize the new you!


Top up Cabal Online now!


GoCash Game Card
Karma Koin
Karma Koin
OpenBucks Card
Cabal Online
(PlayThisGame) MGC




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