Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a first person shooter game created and supported by Sledgehammer Games. Activision published it. This version is the 11th installment of the series. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Playstation, Xbox, and more.

Before going into the details, there is something unique about its newest version. It is the very first one to benefit from a 3-year development cycle.

This timeframe is very ideal to be able to make a big budget game, but not all publishers can afford it.

The plan now is that three developers will take turns in making and sustaining the play yearly namely Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games.

Created by the main men behind Dead Space, this becomes the very first solo project of Sledgehammer.


call of duty advanced warfare


Game Description

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is set in the future wherein technological development and today’s soldierly practices have been met with serious consequences. In this well researched and formulated vision of the future, private military corporations have become the best and most powerful troop in different countries outsourcing their personal requirements, redrawing boundaries, and recomposing the rules of the battle.

And Irons, who is the founder and leader of the best PMC called Atlas Corporation, is the main focus of it all.

In this version, some features underwent many changes, as compared to other previous installments. This one does not use the usual heads-up display. All data are being relayed using holograph projections. The gun play is actually the same except for the new mechanics. Some guns will recharge slowly.

Players can likewise switch between various kinds of grenades. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will likewise be the first in the series to allow players to pick various kinds of weapons. The play will present conventional firearms, but they can likewise use laser or energy directed weapons. Both of them have different attributes.

Strong exoskeletons evolve nearly all aspects of a soldier’s war readiness, allowing soldiers to organize with an advanced lethality and removing the need for specialization. The introduction of this game mechanic gives more movement and verticality when it comes to grappling and jumps, covert cloaking skills, and biomechanics that give high strength, endurance, awareness, and speed.

With the introduction of the exoskeleton and newly advanced armor and weapon, each soldier commands tactical autonomy in any terrain unlike in the previous versions. This basically alters the way players play the game across different modes.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare brings gamers into the battlefield of the future by taking pride in a more hi tech, advanced arsenal and ability set, arming players with brand new and equipment, benefits, technology, and automobiles such as drones and hover bikes.

Gamers can now pick between standard ammunition and all new class of energy directed weapons that allow them to enjoy new game dynamics. And with these exoskeletons giving a massive force multiplier and unprecedented freedom, this game evolves just every battle!


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare makes use of the following:

• Amazing pictures and sound.
• Admiring set pieces.
• Good aesthetic appearance.
• Can support both single player and deep multiplayer game.
• Excellent multiplayer elements give replay value.
• Well optimized.
• Good audiovisual presentation.

The new system is working very well and this is because of the EXO suit. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare feels truly different from the previous versions. When you are using the multiplayer mode, you can also customize your EXO abilities. These only last for a short time, so do everything you can from boosting speed to getting personal protection or cloaking device.

The map style is very good all throughout the game, and even though the themes are quite unremarkable they remain to be entertaining.


call of duty advanced warfare



Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, as compared to other game franchises, is continuously being asked to change or make more improvements. This is expected for any play that gets as many versions or sequels as it does, but as ever no one became very specific about what that modification is required.

To be fair though, Call of Duty Advance Warfare offers several meaningful concepts. The next question then becomes whether these are being used correctly.

Setting that point aside, just like any other games, both players and observers can have comments about what is not good about the game or those that need further improvements:

• Other fields are very hard, even when on easy mode.
• Single player campaign is limited and short.

It is indeed unfair to complain about this release, but what is a little disappointing for some fans is that more are still left unexplored and can still be improved further. Their complaints are not just about the limited use of EXO and the lack of freedom for different movements.

All the good components are actually there to make Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a remarkable groundbreaking play and the failure to do so is what upsets the fans. This is considered to be the best among the different Call of Duty sequels and for others it did not turn out to become the milestone it should have been.

For some it is that feeling of playing just another conventional gunfight that makes it less interesting.


Just throwing a soldier suit onto this series could have been a boring path to making Advanced Warfare appear different from what gamers have played before, but the way creator has included more abilities and options into almost all aspects of how they battle has improved greatly.

By styling the different levels in the campaign and more, this game is given more weight and priority that modifies how the fast paced shooting battle feels in different modes.

This game has gained more power and is definitely a good play for all war games enthusiast. And despite all the disappointments others have pointed out, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare remains to be a significant and good step forward for the franchise, with the only question being what is next for the franchise.



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