Call of Duty: Mobile – Top up your CP @OffGamers with special price!

Top-up Call of Duty: Mobile CP via OffGamers and get your rewards for limited time only!

Event 1: New Cashback Event – Winter Is Here

Purchase CP and get these special Winter Series bonus items!

Event 2: Winter Top-up Event

Period: 2019.12.05 10:00 ~ 2019.12.12 23:59

Unlock different reward by topping up CP directly in-game: (CP top-up excludes bonus CP given out)

· Unlock Tier 1 by topping up with 1 CP to get Wingsuit – Dream Glacier
· Unlock Tier 2 to get UL736 – Holiday Ribbons
· Unlock Tier 3 to get HS0405 – Aurora Borealis

Event 3: Sparrow Is Out In Credit Store

Want a Sparrow? You can pay for it now! Sparrow is out in store!

Event 4: Sticks & Stones Mode

Words can’t hurt you, but sticks & stones may break some bones! You can now try out this new melee-only mode!


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Call of Duty: Mobile CP


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