Call To Arms Warriors! Dragon Quest Heroes Have Arrived!

Dragon Quest is known and beloved by fans for its family friendly settings and fantastically deep-yet-old-school JRPG elements. Recently, Square Enix have been dabbling with the Dragon Quest franchise in different genre of gaming, such as the Minecraft-esque Dragon Quest Builders. Now, from the developers of Omega Force, in collaboration with Square Enix, comes the Dynasty Warriors inspired Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe.

If you’ve played any of the Dynasty Warriors games before, or even the Hyrule Warriors for WiiU, then you know what you’re getting yourself into with Dragon Quest Heroes. As with Omega Force’s forte, the game will pit you against hordes and hordes of enemies, as you button mash your way to victory. The difference with Dragon Quest Heroes? You’ll get to do so in the wonderful world of Dragon Quest, with all the familiar characters and monsters to battle with.

Though, it’s not all mindless button mashing combat (which you can still do to finish the game). Omega Force decided to add a layer of strategy when it comes to combat with the “Slick” method, which basically allows players to combine combos in a tactical manner using advanced button combinations.

Aside from that, players are also able to summon monsters to help them in combat by using coin call-ins. There are two forms of summons, with the first being similar to a Final Fantasy type summon where the monster appears and deal a huge amount of damage or ailment to the enemies. The second summon allows them to call in a monster and battle alongside them for a certain period of time.

With 14 playable characters, there’s enough button-mashing madness for a fun weekend. However, as with all Omega Force’s games, Dragon Quest Heroes is best played with a friend, as you smash, slash, and magic your way through waves and waves of slimes.

Dragon Quest Heroes is available now, exclusively for Playstation 4 either digitally or physically. Ordering through the Playstation Network? add in another $5 and get the Digital Slime Edition that comes with 11 pieces of DLC, which includes new maps and weapons.

Source: Dragon Quest Heroes Launches On PS4

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