Capcom x Discord | Fall-Themed Layered Armor Set

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Capcom x Discord | Fall-Themed Layered Armor Set

Even the bravest hunter needs a cozy fashionable-clothing for fall. As a part of Discord partnership with Capcom, they are bringing out a set of fall-themed layered armor from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to players.

It’s a Fall Fashion Set for a reason. Having a warm-colored scarf wrapped around everyone’s neck. Either the Hunter, Palamute, Palico, or all of them! The squad has never been so cozy and coordinated.


All you need to do is Screen Share on Discord

  • Open up your Discord.
  • Check your User Settings > Privacy & Safety > In-game rewards and make sure you are sharing your game.
  • Join a voice chat and “Go Live” to share your gameplay with your friends.
  • Share your game of Monsters Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. (If you have Nitro, you can even stream in HD, presenting the ultimate cinematic hunting experience to your friends)
  • Make sure you are sharing the application and not your whole screen.
  • Share your game up to 30 minutes and your gift code will find its way to your Discord Gift Inventory.


Extra Note:

  • This will only be available on the PC SKU of Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, but no worry as the code is selectable between Nintendo Switch version or PC version.
  • The gift is only available for one per person.
  • The promotion starts from September 29 to October 23, 2022.
  • The promotion is only available in US and CA.


How to Redeem

  • Redeem your code on the platform of your choice, either on Nintendo eShop or Steam.
  • Find Senri the Mailman in the game to pick up your parcel.
  • Equip and start your autumn hunt!



Monster Hunter Rise


Nintendo eShop Card

Steam Wallet Codes








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